Highlands, Deep Waters [Released]

Any tips on how to complete the following achievements?

Full Party Escaped the ritual with everyone you could possibly have with you

Killed an Innocent Later you would find out that the man was one of the biggest patrons of charity events and institutions in the entire United Kingdom

Nutcracker Ouch!

Read the Grimoire And learned that the destiny writes itself

Two for the price of one Killed David Lennox and the Midnight Child at the same time

Mòran taing

please somebody help me with Alexanders given puzzle for address.
Please tell me what is address

11 Richmond Drive, Linwood.

This is my favorite Hosted Game. I play it religiously, like a Deep One Hybrid. If you don’t get that reference, don’t worry about it. :yum: Just feel free to tag me with any other questions. I’m honestly shocked it took so long for someone to help you. I apologize for that.


thanks bro, will do :slightly_smiling_face:


It may be simply Richmond Drive, Linwood. Without the number.


Question, is there any romances in this story? If so, how do I get them?

Sadly,it doesn’t work for mine,I tried typing it,but nothing happens

I seriously cannot praise this masterpiece enough. Such a well-written, deep and thought-provoking visual novel!

FIngers crossed for a sequel!


I don’t really remember any romances, but with things going on in this game as they are, your character may not have time for such things.

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You will find no hope in a hopeless world.

It’s cosmic horror. :stuck_out_tongue: