High School Revenge (WIP) (Partial Chapter 4 Release, Jun 10, 2024)

I’ll romance Olivia and take revenge for the rest, she’s good enough for me and probably has the chance to find out about the MC first too, unless she change like Dylan then i’ll destroy her and switch to Angela, she’s cute but her behaviour is too… umm what should i call it, NPC-ish which is unfortunate

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Hey, this isn’t a bug or typo and I don’t want to sound like a snob or picky but there are three paragraph in a row that starts with “The first thing” its not a problem or anything but it feels like it messes with the flow(?) Of the writing a bit…

I really don’t want to sound a bit pushy but I just thought i’d let you know.

Anyway, thanks for the update! It’s quite lengthy and was really enjoyable!!

Does the update end at the end of week 4 ?


Chapter 4 is pretty good so far! Loved getting deeper interactions. Dylan’s in particular felt very meaningful and Michael is oddly lovable.

Also, so right now, if you want to bring a hot date to the party, it seems like the choice automatically makes the date a girl. Can we have a choice to choose the gender of the hot date? It seems like a fun option but I’m not into women so…

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Yes, it’s a result of a bug with path variables mentioned upthread. Basically, the game doesn’t jump to the point it should because it doesn’t enter the branch for selected action.

@fsix @LaReveuse @Hot_Toaster @Quetriss Thank you all for the bug and writing mistake reports, I’ll fix everything with the next update! If you spot anything else, please mention it here! @Quetriss Don’t worry about it, you’re not snobby haha. I sometimes write on my phone and don’t have a big picture of what I’m writing, so I can make pacing mistakes like that and don’t double check cause I’m stupid.

@AnneWest There are no opportunities to interact with your allies cause I didn’t have time to write any haha. I haven’t even written events for when you get closer to most of the targets, so please have patience, there will be at least one event for both Marcus and Angela.

@AkaneTheAssassin Yep, choosing the gender of the hot college student would make sense. I’ll add that to the to do list!


Hello Author. I played the demo and it’s awesome. I listed here some of the things I found noteworthy

• First and foremost, thanks for letting us burn those cursed Cecily photos. I mean revenge and degeneracy ain’t the same. Good thing you let our MC maintain their dignity. I can’t wait to throw Burt in the cell. Bruh really deserves it.

• Too bad MC ain’t the richest one around. We somehow look like those snob kids who flaunt their money to Elon Musk. BUT then again, I hope we are not the richest ONLY because we live alone and without our Mom’s support.

• Lastly, can we set our MCs sexuality? I find it really weird as a player when characters my MCs not interested to, are flirting with them. I’m talking about Isaac here. I know the guy is supposed to make MC uncomfortable, but I think maybe there are other ways on making that happen without the flirt stuff. I’m not saying you should remove it ,but I guess change it when MCs are not interested in males?


Girls can flirt with gay boys you know? It’s no biggie for me as long as we can politely turn them down. Some would even consider it flattering. If anything it is currently far more difficult to get the guys interested and a lot of the stuff with male mc seems to sorta default to hetero.

I’ve no problem with characters of either gender flirting with my mc…at least that means I didn’t pick pretty boy adonis looks for nothing. :wink:

I do agree with you however that it would be nice if we could set our mc’s sexuality as mine probably knows by now he’s gay although I guess some might like a character who is still exploring their sexuality and highschool and college are the best stages of life to do that.
Still I would like the option as a choice to have an mc who is already sure of their sexuality and confident in it.


Well normally people in high school know a person’s sexuality. I mean I hail from a country were 99% are straight. But even from what I know of US, people get to know other’s preferences . And I think it gets a bit weird if a guy flirts with a straight MC (guy). I mean I would feel pukish tbh.
Once it might happen but then the mc can just say I am straight/gay/bi whatever and that thing doesn’t happen again if its not mc’s sexuality. I know for this author will need to add a if-else command before all interactions (coding). But that way this seems realistic and less uncomfortable.


To me, i prefer it this way because i can seduce them (at least in my headcanon) without thinking the MC sexuality or forced to become a bi or something like that, and just think the RO is MC-sexual which, i really like it

You do have option to tell Isaac you are not interested. That said, it’d be absolutely in the dude’s character not only to ignore this but even double his efforts, precisely because MC revealed it makes him uncomfortable. Bullying is Isaac’s primary mode of operation, after all.


No, we’re not going to do that. My goal with HSR was always to make a different kind of IF game, and I feel this choice usually just annoys me in most games. It’s the same as the “who do you want to romance” choice that you get after 3 chapters in most IFs.

The characters do not know or some of them do not care about your sexuality. They are privileged bullies who get what they want. Always. So yes, even if I make a choice for you to select you don’t like guys, Isaac will still flirt with you. The other guys aren’t so eager to flirt with the same gender (except maybe Michael) and require you to push first for them to actually show some signs of interest (in that way).

If you want an established sexuality for your character, there will be a scene when we get closer to romantic stuff where we’ll talk about MCs previous romantic experience. Here you can specify if you had a preference with your past fling (or flings), but it won’t affect how the characters interact with you. My goal is to allow you to choose what happens. I won’t limit your game just because you chose at the start that you like girls. The guys are still an option, and you will have the opportunity to reject them at any point if you are just manipulating them.

PS. Isaac doesn’t actually want to romance you, he’s just being a douche.


I know that, but will it continue? First time, second time its understandable, but it will be annoying as time goes by. If we follow this guy’s character, he will flirt more if we reject him ,and if we flirt or tease back he will enjoy it even more. If we flat out reject him then we’re no fun thus we lose relationship points.
Is it his whole gig? To weird the shit out of not interested MCs? Because bruh, it will be a pain in the ass to approach this guy if that’s the case

I don’t think you’re limiting my game just because you allowed me to dictate who my MC is attracted to.

Ok thanks for this one.

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Yep, that should be the case haha


Just giving you a choice that has absolutely no impact on the story whatsoever is not in my style. If I’d give you a choice to choose your sexuality then I won’t even save the answer because it would be useless. I would never use it. The gender of the ROs won’t change, people will still flirt with you even if you don’t like it, and you can already choose who to flirt with without any limits.



Hello, revengers! That’s a word, right? I don’t think it is but I’ll go with it.

Public Release Update

So, here’s some of the new things you guys are getting. First of all, a lot of bug fixes, thanks to all of your help.

Now, to the fun parts:

  • There’s a new random event where you can interact with Haley and Isaac at the Grand Brew cafe and maybe even prank Isaac.
  • You can choose your skin color in chapter 1 (after selecting your eye color).
  • Connor will call you if you’ve been nice to him and haven’t used him when he was drunk at the party.

I would love it if you guys would check out the skin color options and tell me if you’d like to add some new ones or if some of them are weird or something.

Also, since it’s been a week, let’s see some opinions. What do you think of chapter 4 so far?

  • Loved it!
  • Great
  • Good
  • Could be better
  • Hated it
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Real Time Update

I’ve written around 4k words again, as usual. This week is going to make all of the Olivia-mancers happy as I have completed her first relationship event! Don’t get too excited though, there’s no funny stuff happening, but there’s definitely a promise of it in the future! You can also accept Vivian alliance if you’ve postponed your decision at the party.


It is, actually. Also a lot of product names.

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Metal Gear Rising Revengence

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edit: on a different note, a minor bug by the looks of it:

*if (school_weeks = 20) and (car = "mini")
  You've recently been thinking that you should consider buying that car you've always wanted. You could have done it during the Summer, but you were too busy with the other plans and missed your chance to impress everyone with your wealth.

it’s likely meant to be = 2 given the current demo only lasts 4 weeks and the option to actually buy the car checks for school_weeks >= 2

edit2 incidentally

Just checking, but it is intentional for this event to be currently impossible to occur in the actual game, is that correct? Since the event requires Olivia > 100 and the relationship is capped at 74 until relevant intimate_break flag is activated.

(i ask because you also mention ability to accept Vivian’s offer, and that was added to the demo)

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