"Hidden" relationships. How? [Solved]


Hello there!

I am right now trying to change my stat screen a bit and I want to make all the relationships that I can have and have not met yet to “Unknown”.
That means, when I start the game for the first time and go to the stat name, I want that it says “Unknown” instead of the name. And then, when I met said person, the “Unknown” should change to the actual name. Does anyone know how this works? I am new to all this coding °^^ But I saw that it is possible on some of the games like the Heroes series.

I would be grateful for an answer :smile:


Uh yes, just use a


command. For example:

*create mate_person1_name "Unknown"
*create mate_person1_ship 50

So everytime you thas to show his/her name usse a “${mate_person1_name}” pointer

and when your player meet their friend.

*set mate_person1_name  "Joana Doe"

 ${his/her} name is ${mate_person1_name}.  And you got ${mate_person1_ship} points of relationship.

I hope it helps…


Somehow this does not really work. If I do it like this, then the relationship is shown as

(Name of lover): Unknown%

I don’t know why it does it, though I am sure that this is not really what I wanted :smile:
Thank you though for answering!


In the stats screen it should probably look like

  text whatevervariableyouusetotracktherelationshipwiththatperson ${personname_var}


Though, then it is just plain text, right? At least it says that it is plain text for me.

I have in mind that it looks like this in the beginning:

And then, after I met the person it looks like this:

I hope that this helps you with what I mean °^^ But thank you anyway for trying!


I think this will answer that, someone already gave a detailed example on how to make conditions for the stats screen. Hope this answers it.


Name of lover is a string for characters. It will Not display numbers only characters.

In order to display an numeric value you must “*create” an numeric variable to house his/her relationship.


I tried it out, though that was not what I meant.
Thank you though for your time :slight_smile:

I think we misunderstood each other, though it is fine as I know what you meant.

But anyway, I found a solution. it is not really the greatest or prettiest solution, but it works.
It works like this:

*create Unknown 50
*create insert_name_here 50
*if Met1 false

Then you just go into the stat and post something like this:

*if Met1 = true
percent insert_name_here
*if met1 = false
percent Unknown

If you have not met the person, he uses the Unknown variable. If you met the person and used the
*set met1 true
command, he uses the real name of the person you have met.
Hope this helps other persons as well!


Apologies. I meant

  percent whatevervariableyouusetotracktherelationshipwiththatperson ${personname_var}


Well you can also do it like this as well…

*create name "unknown"
*create n 50

  percent n ${name}

Then when you have met this person, then

*set name “John doe”

Then when you have met this person, you can see their stats in the screen. Not to sure if that is what exactly you are looking for, but it does sound like what you are trying to do…But then again, not too sure.


Oo…And where to write this? )) Where to fill this command?


I can try it out next time, thank you!

All of these commands are used in the choicescript_stats.txt file
except for the *create commands, those go into the startup.txt file



*create mate_person1_name "Unknown"

create a string that hold the character name. and

*create mate_person1_ship 50

create a numeric variable that hold their relationship points (50 in this case)

The *set command will be put in the game text, so when the character meets their mate, it will change the “Unknown” string into a name of your choice.

In the stat screen is a little different.

I guess is something like:


  percent mate_person1_ship ${mate_person1_name}

othewise it will not work!


Thanks, hope I can do it) If no - I`ll come here to ask for your help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: