Depicting New Relationships on the Stats Screen

Hello everyone! I’m currently working on a game where the MC journeys through a foreign land and meets new people along the way. I want the stats chart to depict how well the MC is getting along with these characters (because it will affect gameplay), however, I don’t want the names of the characters to be visible until they meet said characters. An example of my stats chart would look like this:

Before meeting Molly:
Chris: 75%

After meeting Molly:
Chris: 75%
Molly: 50%

How can I do something like this? Any help would be appreciated.

*create molly_relationship {number}
*create molly false

Once Molly is met,
*set molly true

In stats:

*if molly
  percent molly_relationship Molly

Have one variable like this:

*create met_molly false

Then when the player meets Molly, you set it to true. On your stats screen you will have the following condition:

*if (met_molly)
    percent molly_relationship Molly

Even simpler:

*if (molly_relationship > 0)
    percent molly_relationship Molly

First time you meet her, set her relationship to 50 or whatever defined value you choose. If you use fairmath, it will never go below zero, so she’ll always stick around in the stat screen.

If she dies, set her relationship to 0 and she’ll disappear again!