Relationship commands

Hello guys, I’ve been digging around and I’m still stuck, so I decided to ask.

I’m trying to create hidden relationships until you meet them but no matter what I do I really don’t get it at all…I’ve tried to create things in startup and stats but so far I get error after errors. So for example I’m trying to use a character with the name Aiden. But before you meet him he’ll be Unknown. How and where would I put this in startup and the stats screen that when you meet him, it will show you his % and name instead of Unknown?

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Can you share an example of your code?

You could have an Aiden_met variable and do *If Aiden_met

Or you can just do *set Aiden “Unknown” in startup, and then when you meet them *set Aiden “Aiden”

There’s a few ways to do this. I think the easiest is this:

In startup:

*create aiden_display_name "Unknown"
*create aiden_relationship 50

In stats:

  percent aiden_relationship ${aiden_display_name}

When you meat them:

*set aiden_display_name "Aiden"

It was that easy…My mistake was creating unknown variables apparently. I never set up any Aiden_met variables or *if Aiden_met because I didn’t know where to put them at all. Thanks a lot @FairyGodfeather and especially @RETowers. That example of yours really helped me out!

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Sorry about this, but I have another question. How would you add or minus relationship values using RETowers code?

Edit: Nvm, I found out how to do it.