Advice on toggling a stat chart

I’m currently in the process of creating a game and one issue I’m running into is toggling specific things. In this case, there are conditional characters that you may or may not run into and I am trying to have it set that you don’t see their relationship stat until after you have met them and they are on your team.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You mean like this (example from my thing’s code):

   [b]Friends and possibly Romance[/b]
   *if met_trudie
         percent trudie $!{trudie_name}
   *if met_marcus
         percent marcus $!{marcus_name}
   *if met_francis
         percent francis $!{francis_name}
   *if met_izzy
         percent izzy $!{izzy_name}

Aaah. Got it. So it only should show with the “*if” part above it.

is that the same for including standard text?
ex: If relationship is 30% “They think you are pretty cool”
If relationship is 100% “They are in love with you”

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for that you need an additional variable to change when the relationship surpasses certain thresholds.


*if (rel_1 =100)
   *set rel_1_text "They are in love with you"
*if ((rel_1 <=99) and (rel_1 >=50))
   *set rel_1_text "etc"

at the top of the stats file, for all relationships

and then have

percent rel_1 ${rel_1_name}, ${rel_1_text}

There was an easier way, but atm it slips my mind.


I make no claims that this was the most efficient way, but here’s how I did it in Nuclear Powered Toaster:

*if (ashow > 0)
    Alexi thinks
    *if (arlship < 6)
        the only thing stopping him from shooting you in the back is that he doesn't want to waste the bullet.
        *if (choice_achieved_like = false)
            *achieve nopop
    *if ((arlship > 5) and (arlship < 9))
        you should think more and talk a whole lot less.
    *if ((arlship > 8) and (arlship < 13))
        he doesn't quite know what to think of you yet.
    *if ((arlship > 12) and (arlship < 15))
        there might just be some profit in keeping you around.
    *if ((arlship > 14) and (arlship < 20))
        he hasn't liked a government employee this much in…well, forever.
    *if (arlship > 19)
        finding you was worth the minor concussion.

ashow was the variable that controlled whether the relationship stat with him showed (since like yours, it didn’t until a certain point in the story, or not at all if you played as Alexi) and arlship was the relationship variable that went higher or lower as the game progressed to trigger the messages. I had a similar setup for most of the other major characters.


Thanks. That definitely helps

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