Help with relationship stat

I’m having trouble with the relationship stat, in the wip i’m making, the MC has a sibling with a custom gender and custom name (player choice). My question is, how do i update my relationship bar stat on the sibling, when the player chooses t’s name?

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In the startup you need to create these:

*create sibling_name ""
*create sibling_gender ""
*create sibling_they ""
*create sibling 10

Then in the statsscreen:

   percent sibling $!{sibling_name}

Oh! I think i get it, thank you very much, i’ll try right away!

Isn’t it

   text sibling_name
   percent sibling


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Dunno if that works too. The other certain works for me

I might be mistaken because I don’t have an editor up, but that gets you the sibling name printed above a stat bar with “sibling” printed on it, doesn’t it?

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It worked! Thanks a lot!

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