Deleting a Stat Bar

Let me elaborate here. In my WiP, I decided to allow the player to choose whether the priest is a man or woman. But I don’t want them to feel forced to miss out on interaction with the other character, so I’m adding the option for BOTH of them to be in the game. Thing is I need two different relationship% bars as they are both romance options.

The question is, if I have two bars for them in the off chance my reader chooses both, can I put in a command that will delete the uneeded stat bar so I don’t have and empty named bar the entire game, if they choose one or the other and not both.

I haven’t played with it quiet yet, but any help before I endlessly toil with commands and guides would be great.

Create two variables.
*create var1
*create var2

In the stats scene: (Sorry for no indentation).
*if var1
percent var1
*if var2
percent var2

If the player chooses the first guy, just set var2 false. The bar won’t pop up.

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That’s all I needed to know thanks much!

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