Revealing a Name

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to be on the forums. My game has a stats screen with a relationship chart, programmed so that the names display as a question mark, as so:

percent Banou ?
percent Hami ?
percent Tabia ?
percent Zalika ?
percent Woodrow ?
percent Cyrus ?

I made it like this with the intent of revealing each name as they are introduced in the story, in the same way that it was done in games like Choice of Robots. However, I don’t know what command to use in my scenes files so that their name will be revealed once the character is met.

My apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere. I wasn’t able to find instructions, so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

You can have a variable set to true or false per person met which goes something like this:

*create banoumet false

And when you meet that person, you set the banoumet variable to true.

In the stat screen itself, it would look something like:

*if (banoumet)
        percent Banou
*if not (banoumet)
        percent Banou ?

Edit: there’s also another method, which involves creating a string variable for each person:

*create banouname "?"

And having the stat screen read:

    Banou ${banouname}

Once you meet the person in-game, you can set the variable banouname to "Banou" so the stat screen reads with the name of the person. Of course, you don’t have to use the exact variable names I used, but the function should remain the same.


Ah, that’s perfect. Thank you so much for your help.

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