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Hi! I’m working on the text for my first branching narrative game. The setting is not my own and has been released under a creative commons license. All derived works must also be released under the same license. Is this possible with Hosted Games? Thanks much.

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I believe there is some precedent - Studies in Darkness is based on Blades in the Dark. But for your specific situation it would be best to contact support@choiceofgames.com to confirm.


Thank you!

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What kind of creative commons licence? It makes all the difference. If it’s public domain, you’re likely in the clear as there are many released that have been based on public domain works (although check with COG if unsure.) Some CC licences specify non commercial. You could not use it if that’s the case.

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CC-BY-SA 3.0

Thanks for pointing this out. It’s actually a different license than Blades in the Dark. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll post the gist of support@'s reply here to save others who search time in the future.

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Wow! They replied super fast. The answer is no.

This means there will be no SCP Hosted / Choice of Games. So authors interested in this setting will likely need to use something like Unity or Godot to get the job done. There have been previous SCP inquiries here, but none with this level of detail. Hope this helps.

You could always make a game heavily inspired by SCP.

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Yes, definitely, and this also eliminates spoilers via attribution. (e: This statement is really not meant to diminish the importance of proper attribution!)

That’s a shame, I’d assume it’d be the “ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original” clause that’s causing conflict due to CS not being under that category? (I think it’s under a non-commercial with original licence remaining attached usage, and the game itself while published with HG can’t be ported into a similar language (ie twine). It’s not share alike where something like that could potentially happen.