Want to made game but have...license problem. Admin please answer


Ok, before anything else when you see ‘license problem’, you probably think. 'why you have license problem? does the game you about to made not original and had no creativity?" The answer, yes and no.

Yes part. I am about to made a game out of licensed fiction, but as long as I did it for free there will be no problem with the owner. Which lead me to a problem, most game here charging money for their game that was what made me worry. Because if I charge my game, the owner could sue me for it. So does it ok, to asked to be Hosted game with charging money?

No part. I may create a story out of already exist fiction, but it was a large world with many elements that I could draw to create something new, similar to fanfiction. Beside somebody else do thing similar to me, but the different was they are employed by owner of license and that they write books, not make game.

Someone please answer me.


The short answer is probably no, you can’t. The game must not infringe on other people’s intellectual property rights. Now, if you had express permission from the rights holder to create your game that would be a different matter.


They said in their policy that if they was given permission, by asking them, I am free to make it.


Send them an email and get express written permission.


If they give permission and allow it for non-profit use then i am sure it will be fine.


In regarding to the money part, the publisher hosted game decides on that, you don’t actually have a say in how much to charge, or charge at all. Although I don’t know if HG will publish your game in order to avoid future possible problems with copyright. I think your best bet is to publish your game on your own website, not through hosted game, and also, it MUST be for free, not only that, your website must not have any advert ANYWHERE or you will face lawsuit in the future for this copyright. If your game generates traffic for your website with ads on it, even if the ads are not in your game, its still possible to face law suit. That’s my 2 cents, so good luck and be careful, if in doubt, don’t do it. =)


How do I publish a game using ChoiceScript on my own ? (like uploading files and such) And can I do it on Steam?


I do it by drop box because I created an account long time ago, but I heard people have been saying that’s not possible now with new accounts, I wouldn’t know because my account is super old and still works fine for uploading game files. But what you need to do is use the quicktest.html and randomtest.html from the main choice script folder to make sure your game runs without problems, then use complie.html to create a working html game file, and upload that somewhere, then put the link in your website and that should work. There are many ways to do it, but this is probably the simplest way I can think of.


Thank you though there maybe no need, I still inexperienced. Temping with license might not be a good idea, not to mention that they say I must charge for the game rather than non-profit.