Fanfiction Games off-site hosting?

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but… I’m making a game for my friends that’s based off of a show we all like. I understand I can’t publish it on the main site due to copyright issues, however I know there are other websites to host it on.

I do eventually want to create original works, but a friend of mine is looking forward to this project, and I would like to finish it before moving on to other ideas.

So, what I’m asking is this: would it be alright to use ChoiceScript to create an interactive fanfiction, as long as we don’t host it on here, give credit to the original creators, and don’t make any money off of it?

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Firstly, I can’t give you a definitive answer on any of this since I’m just a regular forum-goer, but I did dig up the CoG license. You might want to take a look at it since it’s somewhat relevant to your question.

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As long as your not profiting from it in any way it seems you can host choicescript games elsewhere.

As to the copyright issues, generally that’s allowed as long as you’re not profiting from it but it depends on the company who owns the copyright sometimes and if they get touchy. Generally they’ve not got anything they can do if it’s not for profit

  1. Check the license. (As mentioned by Cecilia). (Also it’s included in any download from GitHub).

  2. I’m not a lawyer and don’t work for CoG, but the short answer is that the license allows for free, non-commercial usage of CS, entirely at your own risk.


Is that risk then assumed for the other property they’re using? I can’t imagine they could stop you from doing that noncommercially, or 99% of deviantart would disappear.

Just avoid Disney :smiley:


Regarding the legality of fanfiction, it’s super grey, and by super grey, I basically mean most fanfiction is technically illegal (yes, including all the MLP stuff on Deviantart). What matters is enforcement. A lot of companies don’t enforce their copyright on fanfiction (or do so only in specific cases). So, it becomes really grey. As Lord pointed out, some companies are more rigorous in enforcement (e.g. Disney regulalry sends goons in Micky mouse outfits to break the kneecaps of fanfic writers not actually a thing well, as far as I know) But other companies don’t or even encourage fanfiction. Check around the internet, and you should be able to find if the work your building off of is one or the other.

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