Could I use a copyrighted IP on Dashingdon?

So, like, what if I made CS games about copyrighted IPs(Mario, Persona, Final Fantasy, etc.), but I kept them on Dashingdon instead of publishing them? Would I still get hit with legal issues?

*I do not speak for anyone but myself, including COG. My opinion is just an opinion.

As long as you don’t try to profit from it and make it clear that you are not affiliated with the actual IP (i.e. do not claim to be a “Nintendo” game or etc.), I believe fan games are allowed on Check out these existing threads for more information:

However, I know that particular companies (and authors) exercise their rights to ban fan material and fan games–even free, non-profiting ones–all the time. GRR Martin, for example, has prohibited fanfiction of his works, so even if you don’t profit from it, hosting it somewhere online could get you sent a cease and desist.

Nintendo regularly takes down free fan-made Pokemon games, the tools to make them, and anything that comes close to infringing on its copyright, presumably so that its brand is not diluted and to protect its intellectual property.

My advice (though I am not a lawyer) is to never mess around with copyrighted IPs, period. But if you’re dead-set on doing it, I’d say do your research for sure. You may be okay in some cases, and you may be getting into risky territory in others. It really depends.


Alright, thanks for the advice. I’ll be careful, don’t worry.