Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

:kissing_closed_eyes:thankchuu sooow muchhh

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Hello! There’s this game that’s been stuck in my head or a couple of days now and its about the MC going to this little get together party of some sort and the MC sees someone and tells them hey youre little brother plays with my sibling and the person just looks at them and goes I dont have a brother (this person is an RO btw) and the MC is just confused. Then later on in the story we jump through this portal with the other ROs and out brother and we’re looking for the ROs brother that apparently got taken away from him then we get this cool powers. Our sibling gets taken away at some point though we find them again. And one of the ROs once you romance them you can choose to move on from them and romance someome else because they leave and go somewhere though they come back and say something like “Oh youve moved on” and its just so sadddd and if I remember correctly there should be some images in too. Pls help :sob::sob::sob:


I know this one !
Though, the game you are looking for which is The Midnight Saga:The Monster is now completed and submitted. As such, the demo link has been removed. But rest assured the author is already working on the sequel !

PS: It may have been a while since the last time you have played it, maybe you even knew it by another name which back then was “The Keeper of Midnight”. And our brain sometimes get foggy about some details. So, i just wanted to clarify that the siblings are actually not siblings but the MC’s nephews. For the rest, i don’t know if you want to be spoiled, I’ll let you then discover the story again once it get published.

EDIT : Oh ! and, Welcome to the community !


Thank you very much! And I appreciate the warm welcome! Take care! air hugs



Now Im looking for 2 games or maybe just 1 but here me out please.

So I just remembered playing a game where the MC goes to school and we are some type of powerful being? And all of the people like us once fought humans and killed them (but we had this choice where we either joined in the fight or tried to stop the fight) so some teachers are cautious of us. Though I’m pretty sure only the principal and some other teacher knows.

The MC identity has to be kept a secret but something happens though I don’t remember what😭

Then theres another one where we also go to school and further on the story one day someone planted a bomb? Or people were killing students (we lived in dorms) and the MC jumps from a window and then we get reunited with all our other friends(ROs)

I don’t know if these are connected but I’ve been looking at my list of CoG and I can’t for the life of me remember the names of these books :sob:

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It’s The Vanished Project. I’m not sure if the second one is the same game or not, don’t recognize it.

The second one sounds a bit like Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 8/29/21
But Triaina: Academy it’s also about school, but I’ve read it for a long time and I don’t remember what exactly happened there. War, something like that…

Hello! There was this game I read a few months back that I’m going to reread again, but I forgot the name. I think it was a mix of superheroes and sci-fi, and I remember at the beginning you could read about ten(?) amazing superpowered people, from both sides of the spectrum. There was a girl who basically lived in the internet, and another who leaked radiation(?) and was brought to a government facility that was bombed while he was inside it. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!

This? Wellspring : Origin

That’s it! Thanks so much again!

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So,sometime ago (probably years) i played one and really liked it,i just remembered it existed today but when searching on playstore i could find nothing.

Basically: mc has energy control and makes part of a low-class hero team. The where teached since young that they would be weak and the high class heroes strong. It’s a big twist in the end,but what makes powers strong is peoples view on them. Wich makes the MCs energy power evolve to control all forms of energy (wich he uses to beat a high class hero-turned-villain). I also remember that one hero in the low-class team had intangibility,wich MC manages to defeat by shocking the ground. I remember the low-classes fighting in a tower close to water or something like that.

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Hello! Its me again! I am so sorry for bothering y’all like this. I feel bad :sob:.

But there’s this story I read where the MC goes to a school and romances the students there. I don’t remember the plot but I do know the ROs. Theres one thats a dancer(ballerina?) And we can choose to dance with them. Theres also another RO thats the school president and we can nod at some things that he says and make comments now and then and after his speech he’ll go up to us to chat for a bit. And then theres another RO who you can romance but then when they meet the dancer RO they do this intense eye contact that literally shows that their interested in each other. You can pursue a romance with them both or not.
(This is a prestigious school btw. Everyone is rich but I’m not too sure about the MC)
These are the only ones I remember so far. Plz help😭

Again, sorry for the bother!

I believe you’re talking about Royal Affairs

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Yes! This is it! Thank you very much!

Might be a hosted game called Paradigm City.

It has the same twist and the power does evolve and after it evolves you do fight a hero-turned-villain I don’t remember the rest though.

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That’s it! Thank you so much!

Any idea of what happened to Pulse University? Its like the wip just disappeared.

You can find it here. The thread seems to be closed due to inactivity at the moment.

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i played this demo some time ago but i’m confused whether it was on dashingdon or twine it’s all jumbled up in my head so please excuse me.The MC is supposed to be the most potent magic user (i think options included enchantment,illusion,elemental and one other maybe) you can choose their appearance based from 4(or 5?) regions of the world , they have been trained from childhood and prophesized to stop the war that is going on between the 4 regions and assigned a mentor(who is unhappy with the mc) cast was going to include a hero (from a village trope) ,a healer(the only ro)
the demo started with mc in a magic academy or smthing and them interacting with a tree they had grown since childhood using their own magic.
that’s all i remember i had followed their tumblr page before forgetting about it and can only assume it got deleted or i smh managed to lose it

I’m not sure if this is the place to ask… I know what the game is, but I don’t know how to find it. It’s called The Great Immortal by Sidoe. When I clicked on it on Dashing don, it said “error 404”