Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Okay I’m looking for this game I don’t know the name and but it had to do with Zeus and I played it long ago but I guess you were like a part of Zeus’s group and then you ran away cuz he did something bad and then Zeus find where you live to tell you to come back and you throw a cup at him. That’s all I can remember. Well actually the apartment/office was run down too.

I think it’s this one.

Too bad it’s closed though.:sob: But I feel better knowing what it’s called.
Thank you


No that is not it.
If I remember correctly on the first day of school one of the top three super heroes starts “gushing” about what you did

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That might be a now closed WIP… I believe the author took the thread, and demo down as well, since I can’t seem to find it. But the “top three” heroes you mentioned were the parents to three classmates that might befriend the MC during the school’s “intake exam”, right? In that case, it really is closed, and no longer being worked on. The author decided the narrative they had in mind didn’t make sense for an IF, and chose to make it a non-IF novel instead.

Oi guys again, I don’t remember it perfectly or much of it at all, cause this was a very old WiP when I checked it…

MC is sone kind of a(n) (unique?, rareand very powerful) mage/supernatural who works in a shop of a very old man (who might be MC’s kinda mentor) and then one day the old man was very brutally murdered and the killers were after MC and then MC runs away…

Hold on. I know this one. Don’t remember the name though, will get back to you if I find it.

Edit: Didn’t take as long as I thought, it’s called the strongest weakling

Topic’s closed for lack of activity, but it’s only been a few months since the last update, so I think it’s probably still active, just slow progress (Hey, what WiP isn’t?)


Is this it?

Yeah that’s the one

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Hey, it’s me, the guy who made that game. Actually, I’m kinda struggling with it, due to writers block and shit like that, even considered scrapping the project, but, nope, I’ll keep going. Though, progress WILL be slow due to school and shit like that.

@LadyUmbreon89 That was true for a while(Except for the demo, it’s still up), but, I’ve decided that I can still work with it, I just needed a clearer head, and I think I have it now.


That’s actually really good news. I do enjoy your story quite a bit! :blush:

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I know how you feel, but I’m glad you decided to keep going despite the struggle, you have a fun concept and a great game and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Hi guys. There was this one wip I remember when I first joined about an iron man like Mc with a girlfriend that was secretly a real super hero and she I think leaves you and you make it big and get a big company. I can’t remember and the other one I can’t remember is where you are brought to Arthur’s court as a lady of something and try to get one of the knights favor.

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The second one sounds a bit like this


The first one sounds like Eos. The author got banned on forum and he scrapped the book too.


That sucks to here but princess of swords was the other one so thanks all


Sorry that’s not the one I’m looking for, thanks though.

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Oi guys when I checked this WiP it was at the very earlier stage (and l I have a doubt that it might be discontinued or something like that) and I don’t remember much 'bout this…

MC has powers selectable from the variety of powers like super speed, super strength, energy projection/manipulation and it starts with a test and then MC will (have dreams?) be in some kind of war (maybe) and they doesn’t remember how they got there and then everything goes KABOOM :boom::boom::boom: :joy_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes:
Lol I can’t get this out of my mind, but can’t remember it clearly though…

maybe this one?

you do sure read a lot of wips lol

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