Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Does someone knows this wip i remember that mc is drinking in a bar with a friend then that friend died and then the mc wake up in a school with magic. And i remember the mc have like blood magic or something and its kind of super rare

Is it possibly this?

Oi guys help with the name of this WiP please…

In a world where different crazy weird species lives, MC was created in a lab by a dragon scientist while he got drunk and be has others in his team who’re specialised in different things like computers (tech), cooking (cuisine), engineering (machines)…
And MCs species is choosable from human to anthromorphic animals to dragon/dragonoid…

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Is this it?

Oi @Twill8440 is this discontinued?!?

I’m actually not sure… I remembered it very vaguely from your description, I didn’t follow it.

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Thanks anyway

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I think it was published on the Tales app

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Lol last time I checked it’s only iOS and it’s full of bugs…


No clue, I just remember the author mentioning moving it there

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Uh does anyone remember a WIP where we are the bastard of the king and we were basically removed from being royalty so we fought in a war instead and when we came back, the king was dead and he left a letter for us? We have two brothers and one sister, and our interaction with the sister controls what type of queen she’d be.

I literally know the whole plot but I’m terrible at remembering titles and I read this a bit of a month ago so I can’t look in my history for it.

If anyone can take a shot at this, please help me!

Probable answer to a WiP fitting your description.


Does anyone remember Apex Predator, it’s a game on DashingDon where you play as a vampire in a zombie apocalypse. I think it was by the guy who made Shepherds of Haven, well I when looking to see if it got an update but I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know what happened to it.

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I don’t know where else to go with this(Tag wise included since I wasn’t allowed to select the basic off topic one) at this point because I can’t find it on the main website and I only needed the name of it. I’m looking for what I thought had been a published hosted game, the setting is steampunkish where the intro was you were an orphan from various backgrounds such as being raised by wolves, being an inventive peasant or raised in a monastery of silent monks, that after coming to a city and getting looked at by other orphans and their boss you get brought into to their criminal group, being given a membership tattoo.
I am being driven up the wall because I can’t find it. Please help

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Good Intentions, a title which describes the game pretty well.

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The Lawless ones? The post is already locked though. Cmiiw though, my memory ain’t that good these days.


Ok so this one might be tough cause I’m not even 100% sure it’s from CoG BUT here goes nothing anyways:
you are/ your character is getting transported on a boat, hands might be bound (although I’m not sure about this detail) and as a prisoner you’re/they’re headed to a prison that if I remember correctly is the london tower herself. as the boat gets under a bridge the fog and darkness give you a chance to escape and you can choose if to make a break for the water or give up because of the guard besides you. either way there is ultimately no escape and you get to the prison in spite of any of your efforts. you might have been arrested for wielding magic BUT I COULD BE WRONG and magic might not even exist in this book so take this with a pinch of salt cause I might be confusing another story.
the crows croak. there she is.

so… anyone remembers this?

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That was the one I thinking was of, thanks
Full reply, thank you for the name as I now know it didn’t get published, which is why I couldn’t find it on the site. As I said it was really bothering since I didn’t know the name so couldn’t verify what happened to it