Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I remember reading a WIP ages ago. The character is some sort of supernatural/mythological person who moves in with their uncle or something to attend a school for others like their kind. Can’t really remember all the details but it was also a romance game from memory.

Was it Witchwood?



Yep. Shame it is closed.

Thanks for your help.

I’m looking for a game featuring 4 supernatural ROs that starts with the MC being kidnapped from his former home by said ROs. It also had a dream sequence conversation with the main villain.


@Disciple The Shadow Society perhaps?

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It is. Thank you.

Okay so, I don’t remenber if it is a wip or a game that was released. I remember reading the epilogue but I checked the list of apps I bought (including in game purchases) and it doesn’t appear.

I don’t remember much of it but MC had to fight itself from another dimension (MC 2, I will call it) MC 2 was like a dictator or something and wanted to steal MC’s earth//dimension energy, because MC 2 world was running out of it and they were going to die if that happened I think. I also believe we had superpowers but I’m not sure. My memories of this game are very fuzzy, as you can see. I remember MC 2 had like a second in command and MC met her before it knew about other dimensions at all. I would really appreciate help to remember the name of this game, thanks :heart:


I’ve been searching for this one game for a while now and my memory is really bad so I’ll try to recount what I can remember. The MC apparently forgot their memories and their body got modified (?) but they don’t know that and one of the characters calls herself the MC’s “mother”. I think there was an event going on when some people with peculiar abilities burst into the room and try to rescue the MC. The MC then has to choose whether to go with the group that claims to be their friends or stay with their “mother”.

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thank you ^^!

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I wish I knew this thread existed earlier, I definitely have struggled to find some old WIPs.

The only one I can remember now is… you play as a space intelligence agent of some kind? you’re about to go undercover as a bartender on a space pirate planet, there’s a cool customization scene for your undercover disguise at the beginning. can’t remember it’s name for the life of me but it comes to mind every now and then…

oh and there’s a huge shootout at the bar on your first day


Here you go!


yes! thank you! lol yeah i was never gonna remember that title :sweat_smile:


Hey! First of all, I have to say that english is not my first language, so expect some grammar errors. Yeah, really sorry for that.

So, I think it was a WIP that I read some time ago, but can’t remember the name. The MC (who seens to be dead at first) have wings and is being studied by some doctors/cientists in the beginning. There’s also a group of superpowered people who comes to the rescue, lidered by a woman and one of them has a deaf sister (I think, but my memory suck). They had cool names and full masks. We choose our MC age and all, and romance options seens to be based on that choice.

@notajediyet Maybe “A Drop of Night”?

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That’s the one! Thank you so much for your help

I could be wrong but I think you are talking about superlatives Shattered world. I think I remember fighting an evil you in that game but I could be wrong.

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Ok so, I know I said it wasn’t superlatives but, I played it again after so much time since my last playthrough and… You were totally right @hild ! I can’t believe I totally forgot about that part in the book! Thnks for your help!

I should have found this earlier. :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I’m looking for a wip that I played where you are a creature fighting “heroes” who eventually defeat you by sealing you in a sword. Years later your awakened by a servant of yours and a cat lady, who makes a shell body for you. Any info about it, or confirmation of it being deleted or something is appreciated.