Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Triaina: Academy

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Possibly WIP: Seasons of the Moon, but it has been canceled and the author has made a new game- with the same ROs though!

In the story you go into a cave or something or wake up there maybe? But you run into a character from a popular comic or show in your world and theyre the villain from it and tell you youre taking their place and want your to get a happier end than they did in the show or comic.

My earlier reply may be what you’re looking for. The MC does wake up in a dark place, and the villain of the story does want the MC to take her place. Said post

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Hello there! I’ve been looking through my bookmarks for this WIP but I can’t seem to find it :sweat_smile: Anyways, from what I can remember it’s a gods sort of setting. MC was imprisoned for “abusing” their power or something similar to that and the other gods rallied against them (their brother being one) and then they were broken out of their prison with the help of their brother. And another deity, I think. It’s a bit fuzzy in my memory. There was also the choice for one of the gods to have been your lover and well that angst factor is just :kissing_heart: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: If anyone can help me I’d be super thankful :face_holding_back_tears:

Oh, that’s The Abyssal I highly recommend taking a peek at the author’s tumblr blog, since a bit more activity happens there. :wink:

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I’ll take a look at their tumblr, thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much I’ll have to make sure not to lose this one

Anyone remeber the game where our friend makes a phone with which we go to the fiture but the phone breaks and we find out our friend died in the future so we cant return back

Anachron perhaps?

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Ya thats it, is there no forum thread for it?

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No, but there’s a blog for it.

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Oh damn, looks like its abandoned :persevere:

Should of probably put this with the other two that I couldn’t remember but you know, From what remember this story had to do with crows I know it wasn’t OFNA. It starts off with your mother giving you to your father because she dying and from I remember for your mother’s kind when a child is born the mother loses all her strength and dies, your father being a married king takes you to the palace or your new home, your step-mother/the queen sends one of your best friends to kill you since your father is dead and can’t protect you any longer and the queen doesn’t want you to be the successor for the throne, then from what I can remember my choices led to being hunter by the queens knights and you end up in a kingdom that your biological mother ran from and since you have returned you are to lead a war with your crow friends as spies or something.

Honestly checking for spell checks in this gave me a headache, so if anyone has maybe any suggestions as to what this story is or was thank you

I’m pretty sure it’s the unwanted warrior unfortunately something happened with the author’s computer causing them to lose the files for it. The author has made another if The sword of Rhivenia available for download on Google play store and steam I am unsure if it’s on iphone .

Edit: it’s on iphone app store as well

Aye thanks mate I’ll have to check and see if I’m able to read it

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Hi, I’m looking for a superhero game where you play as a tech genius who fights crime with a self-made high-tech battle suit, and you found out your ex is a witch when you met her again in Egypt, and on the second book, the MC has a hidden ability.

Hey, I’m looking for a game where at the beginning of it there was like, this invasion of the castle where the MC lived and one of the MC’s parents died. It then jumped to the MC being a young lord/lady and them having to go to a quest.

hey! im looking for a game where the MC is an heir and their father took over the throne by killing the former king and queen. the former kings child is rumored to be alive and one day the MC and that child meet and it turns out they’re a LI? the mc also had a spy if i remember correctly.

Turncoat Chronicle