Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Heyy I wanted to know if anyone knew of the wip I played awhile ago it was a dating contest type of thing , it wasn’t the odyssey dating game. This was more like love island, there were a bunch of singles and you did like a speed dating thing, and you did confessionals.

You may be thinking of Body Count?

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Was a really long time ago but i remember the story being about the mc in a village with people who wear masks. If you take off your mask then youre committing a serious crime/sin.

Yes that the one thank you! :))

There was a game that you play as an intern or maybe a nurse. Some day while mc was taking care of patients with a doctor, an injured man came. I remember mc observed him as a dangerous person. The doctor knew who the man was and helped him with his wounds.

An Angel’s Song maybe?

No but thank you for the new wip to read. Also, your pfp is the best thing to see after binging the wolf among us.

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I’ll be honest that sounds like The Watchwood but I could be wrong.

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It’s been a long time but does anyone remember a game that was more or less complete but was never published?

It was about a bunch of orphan street kids, you were one of them, that was set in a steampunk world.
The air was so polluted that you couldn’t see the sky, and you and everyone else set up or joined a criminal group or something. (I think)

Is it The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Remake in the Works)?

I am trying to find a WIP that I played months ago, but couldn’t recall the title. The setting is like medieval-fantasy period, where we are a member of a royal family. The protagonist has a newborn brother. His father is the current kind but the grandfather who abdicated still the one who hold the power. The notable plot was that he was taken to meet his grandfather and was favored by him because of the color of of eyes (if I remember correctly) that shows their family lineage or something and supposed to bring them back to power. The protagonist’s mother is from another royal family that is powerful. The WIP had incredible portraits of the characters and their background stories. I think the protagonist’s uncle (from his mother’s side) had an illegitimate child which caused friction with his wife.

If anybody had any idea of which WIP this is, please kindly let me know. Thank you in advance ~~~


i think that’s Kingdoms and Empires

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Sup, yeah that sounds like my thingy lol, gotta be a member of the adult thread to join the forum page or use the link on my Tumblr Blog hehe
Recently had a huge overhaul to the story so lemme know what you think, cause lots of stuff has changed!
@lai thanks for helping this soul!


Thanks! You are correct.

Can somebody help remembering this wip where we play as child of King Arthur and Morgan le fey and we then get to go for her real husbands castle. Then meet arthur there at a carnival or something like that?..
Also there were dragons in it. We can have one for us.

Bastard of Camelot

As @scorpion_201 said it’s Bastard of Camelot, though it should also be mentioned that it has moved to Twine.

Greetings! I recently remembered something about a game but I can’t quite remember what it was. I am pretty sure it was something that had to do with some kind of heist or SOMETHING like that… or maybe spies… the thing i remember the most about this game was this Love Interest that was some kind of rival to the main character (maybe at first they even started out as a full blown enemy) but then if you managed to impress them they would start respecting you or something… I think I remember a scooter scene with them, and by the end of the book there was the risk of basically disappointing everyone (including them) if you made the wrong choices… it is NOT Breach: The arcangel job, but i remember it giving off similar vibes, or maybe it’s just me. I know this is awfully vague, but if someone knows what I’m talking about I would be very glad if you could help me remember!

Edit: ok wait I think I’ve got it, it’s probably “180 files: The Aegis Project”

Hi! I’m trying to find a game that I thought I had bookmarked where you could play as a Siren? -might’ve been referred to as rusulka instead?- You had just died(?) and were made into a siren. I remember that the other siren characters fed off of humans suffering/pain,and killed partygoers on a boat but you can refuse to feed. At one point you meet a potential RO at a party that you crashed into? Who shows up later as a tour guide near your new home? Which puts him in danger.


Here Abysm's Veil- Continuing the story. (WIP) Last update 11th August :slight_smile:
Sadly it seems dead…