Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hi all! I remember there was this wip about you being the child of a noble or royal. I don’t remember if your mother died or not, but in the game your father hated you. Your mother would give you gifts (I think) and she never really visited you. I think there was a scene where you were with someone (not sure if it was a friend or your teacher) and your dad showed up. Thank you in advance!

hey! that sounds kinda like the seven heirs of ophaesia! :slight_smile:


This was it…Thanks Brother

Hello! i randomly remember this wip that i played a while ago( i think it’s not being updated anymore if i remember correctly.) But you basically start in a world that has no sun and you live in darkness, though one day two gods??? put out the challenge that if they fall in love with the people who come they will release the god who was in control of the sun giving back light in the world? i remember there being a riddle near the end of it with there being a creature in the water and the answer was an iceberg. it would be a really old wip at this point since it’s been a couple of years. I loved it and even if it’s not updated anymore i would relly like to replay it again.:grin: I just rememberd the beginning has you telling a story to a bunch of kids?

Sorry for the late reply, I ended up finding it. posted wrong link, lost the actual link again lol. While searching I actually found one of your stores I read years ago, Abysm's Veil- Continuing the story. (WIP) Last update 11th August

Okay so In the story I think you stumble upon a mermaid and you end up helping her, then there’s this part where your village? Has a party and you bring her to it with her in a tub, the game also had something to do with constellations, at some point you end up going somewhere and meating each constellation.

I found it :grin: Whispers of the Stars (WIP) [On Hiatus] it’s a great story!

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THIS IS IT! thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hello! I remember finding a game that was posted on this forum as a work in progress. I don’t remember the name but I remember some notable thing:

  • the genre was fantasy (dark fantasy if I remember correctly) and romance;
  • you play as a person who is possessed by the evil spirit/monster from different mythos (it was framed as a punishment for something);
  • you can choose by which type of monster you are possessed;
  • your character has different runes inscribed on them to help control the spirit,
  • a big point was your playable character having a handler in the past that was killed by pc in a fit of rage(?);
  • something something quest to protect the heir or an emperor from magical beasts while tracking thought forest (might be wrong on this one);

If anything from here rings the bell please tell me, it’s been on my mind but I have exoused all my lines of search.
(Formatted from mobile and English is not my language sorry for mistakes)

Virtue’s End! it’s no longer on the forums but the author is still active on tumblr :slight_smile:

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It was eating my mind for a week :smiley:

Hi! I hope you guys can help me; I’ve been looking for this game all day. I believe it was still a work in progress when I read it, so I don’t know if it has been canceled or on hiatus or anything. I’ve tried everything I can think of to search for it.

This is what I remember from the game:

  • I can’t remember exactly how it started, but I know that it was the day of a festival. The MC was waiting for a friend to go with them, who I believe was also a love interest. I also think that the RO was in a relationship. They ended up bringing her with them, and the MC could choose how to react to her.

  • They went to the festival where there were a few options about what to do. I remember that one of them was watching a play. The festival ended, though, because a bunch of guards (?) came, and they ended up killing almost everyone. I think they came because the person running the town was being deceitful? I can’t remember.

  • But then the MC has to run away, and they end up going back to their farmhouse and finding their father dead. After that, I think they go to some kind of church where there are survivors? And a nun goes out to look for more people?

If you know anything, let me know! I appreciate your help!

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I thought of 3 different stories while reading your description but none of them had a nun, I don’t think…just incase, it reminded me of what would happen if Shepherds of Haven, Soul Stone Wars and The Mages Adventures had a baby…

Can it be Spellbound: A Ghost Story (WIP) [Updated August 27, 2020] ?


I looked at that one earlier; it wasn’t the one I was thinking of. Thank you for trying, though!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more precise, I couldn’t remember if there was a nun or not. None of those three were the one I was thinking of, unfortunately. Thank you for trying, though!

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You’re welcome! The events in the late game flashback match your description, right down to the nun, so so I thought it might be it. Wish you luck with your search!

It sounds a lot like Song of the Fallen to me.


You are right, actually! I was convinced that the scene I was thinking about was at the start of the game, so I only replayed the prologue. That’s entirely my fault. Thank you so much for helping me find the game!


A couple years ago or so there was a WIP where a group of characters found the MC in some sort of lab, floating in liquid. That part wasn’t directly in the game IIRC, but they get you out and take you to one of their houses. You don’t know who you are or how you got there, just complete amnesia, and one of the characters goes off to go grocery shopping and leaves you with the computer/phone. You have a crisis of some sort and accidentally crush the phone/mouse in your hands, just COMPLETELY annihilate it, and when the other character gets back with the groceries they’re really struggling. You go to help, and you effortlessly carry them (much to that character’s surprise) into the house.

There were at least four characters, who I believe were all ROs. And the WIP wasn’t very long at the time, it stopped not long after that grocery part. But for the life of me I can’t find it! I know the author had a tumblr. Any idea what this one was? The MC was experimented on and super strength was a guarantee from the author I believe.

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