Heroes: Taking Up The Mantle (nowhere near done)

Okay, so I’ve taken a look through the forums and found that a lot of people were dissatisfied with the one hosted Super Hero game so far. I’ve decided to try my hand at this genre, because… well… I love Super Heroes. I rarely read comic books, but I grew up on Super Hero TV shows. I remembered watching X-Men, Batman The Animated Series, and Spider-Man. I remember getting really excited the first time I saw Batman and Superman team up. I still watch Super Hero shows, like Young Justice (why isn’t there a season 3?!).

When I was a kid, I found a textbook (a really thick one!) that described a whole bunch of Super Heroes, most of which I’ve never even heard of before. Most entries took up half a page. That was when I learned that comic book Super Heroes have been around since 1939 and it was when I learned that there’s a huge history that tied everything together.

Anyways, I haven’t gotten very far yet. All I have is the background and setting in which the game will take place. I don’t know if it’s a huge rip-off or a homage to DC and Marvel Super Heroes. Hopefully the latter. If so, you can just think of this game as an alternate Amalgam universe. The idea is to divide the story into multiple paths, each of which will determine who will be the final Super Villain you would have to face. Who you interact with and the decisions you make will also reveal more bits and pieces of the Super Hero history (little piece of spoiler here: some of them has time traveled before).

Try and figure out all the Expys (as in, which DC and/or Marvel character that each of my characters are based on)! :slight_smile:

Bonus points if you figure out the significance of each major event!



I love the idea of another Super Hero game. I love your premise of the super villain being a result of choices.

I did like that I could have two mothers. No two fathers? Or one mother? Or… oh no I’m just being difficult. I did like that you provided an option for something not too typical though and the little back story of how they met.

The start of the game is a bit dull and dry. You need to catch the player’s attention first, some sort of interesting hook, or piece of excitement or a screaming sign saying WATCH THESE SUPERHEROES! Have us being rescued, or watching as our parents are brutally murdered, or our first encounter with our nemesis, or first developing a power or meeting our mentor, or some sort of action. Start the game in media res, after that, once you have the player hooked, you can then go collecting information and establishing college.

the start is a bit plain and boring; but maybe just i don’t know a think about supersedes. There would be a possibility of become a villain,or at least a antihero? that could be really interesting. Also i hope poison could be a superpower

I can’t play :C

I can’t access it either

Yeah, 404 error.

I was able to play it a little while ago and it worked fine. But now it gives a 404 error to me to. Wonder what happened?

Maybe he is changing files in dropbox?

I want to play lol

As a bit of a comic book geek I’m curious to see how he both keeps the story original but keep that comic flair.

Sorry if I was too harsh, that wasn’t my intention. I think you do have an interesting foundation there. Writing interactive fiction is different from writing a novel so I know it can be tough to get the balance right.

Hmm… no idea what happened there. Maybe it’s because I closed dropbox before it could finish uploading the file? I’m not supposed to keep that program running, am I?

Anyways, hopefully, you’ll be able to access it now.

I’ll see about finding a way to make the beginning a bit more exciting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay for excitement! It just takes a little rearranging of things. I also noticed that you did a lot of telling instead of showing. That is a common thing done in choice games mind you, it allows for periods of time to be covered quickly, but I find it a little less immersive.

I liked the beginning well enough ('Specially since I got two dads. Score!), but then there was too much information all at once!

Could I maybe suggest putting the info-dump into organized sections in the stats screen? I mean, you obviously want to leave any crucial information pertaining to the PC’s story in place, and all of that background info is interesting… Just… not when the story is gaining momentum.

Other than that, I liked what I read. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Still won’t work for me.

Worked for a while stopped playing went back and now 404 error.

Hmm and now it works…

Wow, I really do have to have dropbox up and running all the time. >_>

Couldnt stop laughing when you had a superhero team call YOLO.

I suppose I’m the only one who didn’t like the homosexual parents choice, but ah well.

Now, I’m not sure whether the problem is that you put forward too much information, or too little. Because, on the one hand, hitting the player with an onslaught of lore, pertaining to large quantities of rather peculiar individuals, and weird events, is definitely a lot of information to process… But on the other hand, you gave us basically no elaboration on any of these elements. It’s not just about the ‘Where the Hell do the aliens, demons, and wizards come from?’ sort of questions, but also the ‘Who the blinking flip is the Iron Knight?’ types. - You asked me to decide what I thought of someone before telling me anything about them. Then, later, you asked me to pick a faction, based on inferences from the name alone…

So, yeah, the real problem is that you need to choose, firstly, what information is important, and secondly, to actually give the player a proper understanding of that information. Don’t occupy the twisted middle ground of alluding to large quantities of unnecessary information, whilst also not elaborating on the key points.