Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, a lets play

I started playing Heroes Rise about a month ago, and its one of the most fun experiences I’ve had with interactive fiction since I was a child reading the original choose your own adventure books.

I decided to do a lets play out of the game, and started off right from the beginning so that I would be supprised and honestly enjoy the game as much as I possibly could. I started soundtracking the game, adding atmospheric music, and then in the third chapter I started adding sound effects.

I’m really enjoying this project (making the lets play, and actually playing the game), I enjoy adding the atmosphere and creating a more in depth vision for myself and the (few) people who have watched me play it.

Today I found your forums and it struck me that I didn’t know how you (Choice of Games and the people who play their games) would feel about what I was doing.
So here I am, asking how you feel about it and hoping that I wont have upset someone.

Edit/ As you have all been so wonderful and lots of you have asked for a link, I’m posting the playlist here

I hope you all have a wonderful day spectacular and awesome.


That sounds pretty interesting. (+20 Curiosity)

Is this you? <------------Sneaky Edit: This is a link to one of his videos!
I’ve been watching your videos, not bad.

As a side note, I bet that CoG would get rich if a famous youtuber (GameGrumps? Jacksepticeye? Markiplier?) played one of their games.

I have been thinking about buying a CoG game and sending it to one of them. Would the community get worse because of that? I'm not sure, could be risky.

Oh wow, that totaly is me. Thanks, I hope you’re enjoying them!

If you mean you wanted to check out the videos, your more then welcome to and you can find them here.
I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks, its great fun, and I get really into finding all the music and the sound effects, I just found some smoooth jazz for my last episode. Its a good time.

Hi and welcome! This sounds like such a fun idea. You should put the link to your playthroughs in the first post, that’d make it easier to check out. And if you haven’t already, maybe post on the Heroes Rise Facebook page to let them know what you’re doing there.

I can’t see anyone having any problem with you doing this. I bet it’s flattering that someone loves the game enough to make a video of it.


I can see this becoming a trend in the future.

The Walking Dead/The Wolf Among Us are pretty popular, right? And CoG is basically the same.

I love watching let’s play with video games so I can’t wait to watch yours.

Thank you for the welcome, this is a really welcoming place. It really is great, I’m really glad I decided to make this series now.
I’ve edited the first post so that it has a link to the playthrough. I hadn’t even thought of putting it on the facebook page, I’ll go and put it up there and see if people enjoy it there too. : )

Well I hope its flattering, its inspired me enough to try and make it a more in depth experience and show everyone how much fun we can have with text games!

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Thanks, I put a link to the first chapter in the original post, near the bottom. I hope you enjoy!

Well I’m planning on playing through the whole trilogy (and hopefully I should have some friends working on an original score for the soundtrack to the next game, which I’m super excited about)
I’m also planning a series on Twine games, I don’t know if you guys have seen them, but they seem to be super accessible text based games that anyone can make, so there’s a lot of interesting and/or short and sweet games made using it.

Thank you! It means alot hearing people like the videos.

Will you still be doing Choicescript games too? Or will it just be Twine ones when you’re finished with Heroes Rise?

I’m open to all suggestions, I didn’t realise there were so many Choicescript games being made by so many people. I’m definitely up for fitting some shorter ones in with the twine games, as a dedicated series, alongside Heroes Rise…
After Heroes Rise, I’m going to need a new text adventure to play, and twine creators don’t seem to make longer games, so I’ll definitely up for playing some other Choicescript games then.

Haha, wow, that’s a pretty big compliment!

@treerootplays Nice work,man,I hope your youtube channel goes well and with that you would also advertise CoG games (and other games as well)so it’s a win-win.Good luck.


I don’t know if long text-based games would appeal to their fans,but for example if Pewdiepie,Mark or Jacksepticeye played a funny game for example The Ascot which is also quite short,it might appeal to their fans more and CoG might gain recognition.It might just work.Then again maybe not,but you never know.

It’s a fun idea for the reasons others have said, just wanted to add, a “Let’s Play” video has never once kept me from buying something. It’s different playing a game yourself, so if anything those videos are like a trailer. You only look them up if the game interests you, and then when you see someone playing and having fun, it’s more encouragement to get it.

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@Drini7 Thank you very much! I hope so, that’s the plan.

@Sashira Well I’m definitely having fun, so I’m holding up my end of the deal haha. Hopefully some people go out and play some interesting games.