How do CoG feel about Let's Plays?

Reasonably straightforward question.

I’ve done a couple of Let’s Plays over on (see here for one example) and was thinking of doing a CoG game.

But it was something I thought I should check was ok first.

We’ve a list of some here.

And a thread here as well Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, a lets play

So feel free to do one, and then link to it on the forums.


I like them for the most part, though it depends largely on the person doing it. If they’re entertaining, almost any game is worth watching.

Thanks people, I’ll go and start one. (It’ll be a text play with lots of people making the decisions).

Even though you said
“How do CoG feel about Let’s Plays”

I’m going to be me as I usually am and answer, although I’m (obviously) not affiliated with CoG nor do my own feelings portray CoG’s collective view.

And with that massive run-up:
I like Let’s Plays (Let’s Play’s? Lets Play’s? Lets Plays??? Urgh) :smiley: They go great with games such as CoG games and other interactive fiction.

I agree with @fantom. It depends more on the person playing the game than the game itself. Otherwise, I enjoy Let’s Plays, and I wish my favorite Let’s Players would do a few CoG games.

In particular, Markiplier seems like he’d have a funny perspective of whichever CoG game he played. I would watch for the humor. Cryaotic, on the other hand, has a soothing voice. I think he would take the game more seriously than Markiplier, so I could watch for the game itself, as well as hearing him read it.

Those are imo the most important factors for a CoG Let’s Play: 1. A good voice. 2. A great sense of humor, or at least interesting commentary.

I think so too.
But I would prefer GaLm doing it he would probably take the game seriously
Plus I like his voice.