CoG and YouTube

Is it legal to post videos of myself playing the finished games on this site on YouTube?

No clue. but there is a thread about those kind of things already:


Do you plan to provide some sort of commentary on the playing? Or even reading it out? Or are you just going to play the entire game in silence?

I genuinely can’t see anyone having an issue with this though. In fact I think it should be actively encouraged. I think it’s fantastic that people can get so enthusiastic about the games, that they want to share them with others, and make videos about them. If you want to be certain, then you can always email the author of whatever game you’re doing a let’s play of. Personally, I think that’s just polite. And if you’re lucky the author might link your let’s play to others, so there’ll be a bit of cross-promotion going on.

If you do one feel free to link to it on that thread.


If you do it right, you should sit in complete silence, with your phone turned away from the camera, until you finish it.

All you’d see would be their facial expressions as they played it? I can think of games where that would be pretty entertaining. You should do it, maybe you’ll start a trend.

That sounds interesting… Maybe someone do this in a group, like with 7 people sitting in silence, ocassionaly laughing (or if playing Monsters (still a WIP)) screaming/crying.

Someone reading it wouldn’t be that far off from what some people do. Take Dodger (Press Heart to Continue); she plays a ton of Visual Novels, and makes videos about them.

Other than the pictures, which are static anyways, she is essentially reading the text into a camera. Admittedly, she sometimes provides commentary, does voices, etc…but as I said, this wouldn’t be that much different than someone playing a CoG on Youtube.

I’ve watched a few videos of people playing those games and posting them to YT but never a recording of their face as they’re playing reading it out loud as they go along