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What is wrong with Black Magic now? I think her change was a good one.


I don't think a name change makes him less cool. I'd argue it makes him even cooler--giving up the kind of power he had takes a lot of courage, and it screams positive character development overall.


Well depends I mentally destroy her mind in a playthrough called weak and with 3 raport . She would still being Bright Magic even if I destroyed her. It has no sense. And i found her him like mentality unstable. Like in a maniac state of euphoria from X spectrum to Ponies . She needs a psychological help .


This from the murderous 'Poison Queen'. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe BM did get help, which prompted the transition?


She looks like loney toons mad for me. Like she is in a mentality weird phase but maybe she is fine and not just developing a euphoria dementia


I've played it through, read through the forum, and I finally appreciate this game. While I can't honestly say I like this game, I think the extremes here make the original trilogy look soooo much better in comparison.


My issue with it is that like literally everything in this story, we're told, not shown. Telling me, oh and that person changed, isn't character development.
Also, why does the mc know about bm, and not about things like how the president was arrested on live tv.


Well, for one we did see BM's character development during the original trilogy--when they were romanced or on good terms, they'd stand up, admit fault, and try to become a hero for the right reasons at the end of Herofall. We're simply seeing the results of that development now. Being told the results is something I won't hold against the author because we're with a new protagonist now, one who doesn't hang out with BM and thus only sees the results.

I think it's mentioned early on they couldn't afford 3V, and that's why they lack knowledge about even the president's arrest (which granted, I still find clumsy, there would definitely be people talking about it). The MeChip uploads a file with info on all the Millenial Group members, which is where they get the info on BM from.


No, The execution was broadcasted in PUBLIC TV Victon wanted Everyone could watch it. JK watched the original HP so if she watched it our character could. Also How in hell our character could not notice a nuclear fallout in his her zir neighborhood? That could kill Thousands of ani powered lives!.
Also you forget that our original trilogy character could ended destroying BM mentality if we had bad rapport and called him her weak in the beach. Our character lacking of knowledge have no sense, especially if you compare it with her sister. They have internet, they have access to a entire network. and they have Tv. .. And our character even know ehat happened to the damn president on live tv. .


A large portion of it is the need for exposition. Poorly implemented, yes, but you have to remember that this is a different story in the same universe. In that respect, you have to take into account that there are people who won't have read the original Heroes Rise trilogy, and one needs to make an effort to make all information available to both newcomers and returning fans.

Besides, its entirely possible the only reason JK has seen any of this at all is because of the sudden upswing of luck. We're supposed to be under the impression that WE are JK's caregiver, and that we're doing whatever the heck we can to make ends meet. Putting food on the table for two and keeping a roof under their houses can be INCREDIBLY difficult, especially since we're led to believe the MC has pretty much nothing in terms of training or experience (Barring plenty of martial arts training, which would be both expensive and time-consuming). If one can barely survive on minimum wage nowadays, just imagine what it would be like with two people. Getting a job as a security guard is probably the BEST thing that happened to the MC, prior to getting into the show.

While I agree it is sloppy in terms of writing, I think it's a little harsh to try and rationalize everything away to such a degree. How do we know the media we see in the game hasn't been recently acquired (Or for JK's sole use to keep her entertained while the MC works)? What do we know of the MC's backstory besides the fact that they're JK's guardian as of the start of the game? Additionally, what exactly do we know of their income-situation, beyond that they've only recently found steady work, and JUST started on season 2?

Puts the Devil's Advocate hat away


Nope, nope nope. Our sister has been the director of the most popular desembody social network during at least two years. Her best friend is from China. JK has been working at least for a year like web editor using her multi eyes power reading from several screens same time. And There happen a freaking NUCLEAR BLAST IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD caused by Prodigal but our character doesn't know anything about it. He could have died or lost their home in the fringes that day. Our hero worked in a rich powered urban neighborhood... I even think is the one our original character lived after the events of first game. Surrounding by people who knows about heroes even if he was in closed lol He should know because of gossip from other guards about Victon.
I love ZS writing however this was not well planned and has more plot holes that anything. Like my main was the leader of millennium group... Well she was de graded to a mere consulting service... This could have been a really good story, but the plot execution is terrible. However, I really think that could be fixed .


The nuclear blast might not have happened.
My character stopped Prodigal before she could have done that.


The only way I can really enjoy this series is to treat it as a separate, completely unique setting and story. All the characters, all the premises and all the world's events in a different alternative universe type of setting.


But I thought they did know about the Death Wave? Because that's mentioned as the reason that the Fringes got rebuilt and so are more expensive to live in. Maybe it's just Prodigal's involvement they didn't know much about.


No game stated that even if you detained Prodigal before the blast killing anyone the effects were impressive in the Fringes. In fact the heroes proyect 1 season were there to helping in the rebuild. I replayed prior launch of this game the original trilogy with different outcomes so I have it fresh . Fringes suffered even with the best outcome within deads.


You do know about the death wave, but the game glosses over it quickly in a way that minimizes all the deaths it caused in the MC's neighborhood. The MC's low-key reaction is downright inexplicable given how activist they are pushed into being on other issues. Here is the relevant bit of game code:

Thankfully, a budding and tight-knit community of artists and young families has begun to form as more warehouse spaces have been converted 
to loft apartments. You and JK have grown to love Dockerbay, with its cobblestone streets and salty air and graffiti-laden brick walls. Thou
gh there has been a major downside recently—one of the re-formed Ani-gangs has been trying to take up residency in Dockerbay ever since the 
Eastern Fringes began to
*if trilogyreader
	*if (power_town) or (kill_town)
		gentrify, after the redevelopment from Prodigal's Death Wave.

And those 7 words casually tacked onto the end of that paragraph are the only acknowledged repercussions in the entire story of the death wave in the MC's neighborhood. I have to agree that it's so understated as to come off as being a bit lame...


Yes, He knows about a Prodigal death wave but Doesn't know who Prodigal is. Only something about a villain... She destroyed your so loved neighborhood and potential killing half of your neighbors but you don't connect that Prodigal death wave could have being caused I don't know maybe for someone called Prodigal! Our character is Homer Simpson in disguise, lol. Or Peter Gryffin.


Honestly, I would equate the MC's lack of knowledge to not knowing who won the Superbowl - they've only cared about taking care of their sister up until this point, so they probably don't follow the political/super-powered news. For someone who cares about it, they would find that to be a severe lack of knowledge, but for someone who doesn't have an interest, it's not something they would pay attention to. It's only recently that the MC has been pushed into learning about this stuff, since they have to become a hero to save JK.

(And before anyone brings it up, I don't know who won the Superbowl, nor could I name one team to ever win one, simply because I don't care about the topic. Which is kind of my point.)


So you consider not knowing that a nuclear blast destroys your neighborhood a normal stuff? It's exactly as a Broklyn born and raised guy didn't know anything about 11S. I could have died in the blast but it was nothing just a few deaths and nuclear radiation...


The lack of knowledge would be akin to someone in NY not knowing about the World Trade Center (Prodigal Death Wave) and then not knowing that Bush wanted to invade Afghanistan (Devoid War).