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Occam razor…
-Nowhere in text said our character has memory problems.
-Herofall specifically said public emissions (not paid ones) in The public execution
-You forget that Granma could watch TV BEFORE Macchip being installed.
-Our character and her sister had internet access.

Also another issue I have our character, called taxis before have a Macchip( I know that in the taxi scene He already have one. However, character said that it have happened a lot since her sister problems.

-Half of Neighborhood still suffering The Nuclear blast… So Our character is like half blind suddenly?

I am the typical lore lover who looks for plot holes. I know casuals doesn’t look for that. But I think here even casuals would notice that. Funny detail Our character knows Who Jury banged last year, lol. He does not know Who Victon and Prodigal is but Knows in detail Jury love gossip.


People with memory problems aren’t always aware of those problems. It was just a silly theory I tossed up, anyway, but then who knows if our narrator is actually reliable?

I did, actually, forget that grandma had a TV when I was writing that. But that doesn’t mean that the MC had a TV at the time. Same with Internet access- or even if the MC was in a form that could have accessed either of those at the time.

Another thing I genuinely can’t remember- when does the MC make mention of Jury and his sex life? Was it before or after The Hero Project boot camp/cram school thing JK put them through?

I can’t speak for the neighborhood exactly, but perhaps the MC lives in a place so ratty that not even nuclear fallout could make an obvious difference? I’m reaching a bit, I know.

I… Don’t know whether you’re referring to me when you say ‘casuals?’ I don’t know whether or not to be offended.


Maybe it’s commentary on how superficial the media in the HR universe is? Hero/celebrity gossip is more accessible than important news?

…maybe that’s a bit too subtle to be intentional, though :smiley:


If you are here You aren’t a Casual. Casual is a player who just play a playthrough for fun and never play again or look further in lore. I don’t use it as insult. I just use it as normal world. Most of buyers are casuals and just don’t start guessing stuff. And character has internet and Tv is in text. Her sister administration forums and chat with China. Also works in home editing using her multiple eyes. She was aware old edition of show and suspected about the whole veterans. So yeah… No way.


I was slightly joking about the ‘should I be offended’ bit, but I actually feel a tad cheerier with your follow up. So… thanks for that.

Ah…If they had internet access/TV at the time, about the only thing I can up with is that the MC was in some form that wouldn’t be able to use either. Or JK could’ve had an attack that day.

Honestly, unless and until Sergi comes out and says straight out what the deal is, I’m just blowing hot air.


Can we also mention that JK, despite not having a MeChip is incredibly more socially aware and present than our MC? I think that provides an odd conundrum. If JK is so well versed in this universe’s internet, then how is it that she’s never mentioned any of the public occurrences to our character? Seeing as how they’re both rather close to each other.

Unless this was explained and I missed it somewhere in the beginning. I’m pretty sure I didn’t catch anything that would explain away JK not having any know how of what’s going on in the world, having access to various chat rooms and people who she talks to on the regular. Talks to enough that she can send feelers out for StarSoar after his disappearance.


I always assumed JK knew and our MC was just hopeless. I picture the MC’s inner dialogue as JK talks being something like this, with the social events: “Jury sex scandal blah blah blah . . . powered hero takedown blah blah blah . . . new pop song by Amazing Cool Hero Person blah blah blah . . . internetz meme blah blah blah . . .”


She could also be notorious for showing our MC ani-cat videos 9 times outta 10, so the MC just kinda tunes everything out when it comes to JK and her internet lingo any time she goes, “Holy slugger, you have to see this!”


Yeah, So our character is like Homer Simpson… So only heard about Jury sex affairs because sex? And the nuclear blast is just a new design for the Fringes… And Victon is a new shampoo brand. XD Or maybe we don’t know how read? Like we never went school.


I laughed so hard when I read that. As I mentioned before, I like this style of clueless MC a lot better than the other style of clueless MC from the previous trilogy.

That said - what if we took it this line of thought further? Maybe reading has gone totally out of style since the MeChip, and when our characters ‘read’ their MeChips are actually talking to them. So our poor MC is wandering around as a security guard, and can’t even go get a library book without being properly wired. Poor thing.

(And Victon ABSOLUTELY has a shampoo brand. He has to capitalise on something after old-MC ruined his dreams of evil empires.)


Our character has to know how write beca use he she zir read in many moments and talks about have read in the past. I found our character clueless just hilarious in a serie B style sharknado. Totally over the top so you just only laugh about it. It is funny totally a Homer level craziness.
Edit You know thinking about it if the game were advertising as a hero parody game with a discrimination plot . I would find it good. Like a satire, Prachett style with absurd humor and sarcasm. However, that’s not what author intended


Speaking of Matt Groening characters…

Could be that the MC’s special brand of cluelessness is what makes them the only person capable of stopping whatever Great Threat is on its way, like that one episode of Futurama.


If the redemption project ends with the MC having to become their own grandfather to save the world then all is forgiven.


Honestly, this seems to be a common theme with the games, which is a bit unfortunate; if you’re not following the “vision path”, you’re playing the game “wrong” and deserve to be punished by the narrative.

and honestly, this doesn’t work out in a choice game. A regular novel, maybe, but for a choice of game? It sucks! It really, really just sucks. And it’s a shame, because the writing is otherwise there, but the choice aspect feels flat.


Consider the sheer scale of the media frenzy that would have followed the events in Hero Project and Herofall. Black Magic, one of the most popular Powered Individuals, is outed as having a sinister origin for that person’s powers. An infini-powered has a power meltdown on live television. Another (or the same, depending on your choices) infini-powered goes on the run from the law and is the subject of a manhunt. Think of how much media coverage events like this would generate, especially with the President himself goading them on behind the scenes.

A movement dedicated to hating Powered individuals comes to prominence, a sitting president attempts an execution on live television and the new MC heard absolutely nothing about this? We could stop Prodigal from toasting a good chunk of a city with our own infini-power so maybe it only made the news but other events would have likely saturated the airwaves over all forms of media. You would have to have been deaf and blind not to have heard at least an inkling of it. JK would have at least brought it to our attention. With the Meek walking around, wouldn’t the Redemption MC be wary of these people who seem to be interested in harming him just on the basis that he, and more importantly his sister, have powers?

Not forgetting that the original trilogy MC was described as being an icon, a rallying point for other Powered individuals. That is kind of like an American not even having any clue who their president is. Highly unlikely to the point where it strains suspension of disbelief. Not that the original trilogy had clean hands on the matter. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that a US president actually can order a public execution without breaking the constitution in half. Its not like the original MC’s parents had not already been tried in a court, by the same person no less, and already sentenced. Whatever happened to Double Jeopardy laws? Were they repealed when we were not looking?

I think that so far my main gripe with Redemption can be summed up in one word, “contrivance”. Jury breaking up with the MC is the equivalent of breaking up with Powered Gandhi (or if you played your MC in a more vicious manner, young Malcom X). The Rise MC is nationally famous, an icon and very likely close friends with many prominent heroes including the Millennial Group. If you are going to jump start a failing career, I hardly think that dumping that sort of significant other for sleeping with your boss is going to win you any favours. If the original MC is heartbroken enough, many of that MC’s friends and allies will look at Jury with a certain degree of disdain. Not to mention all of the MC’s fans. Personally I do not regard the risk-reward ratio to be in Jury’s favour in this case. The stance our MC takes is also straitjacketed into caring more about social issues than say, doing whatever it takes to win so that he could afford the life-saving treatments for his sister. Why would the latter playstyle be seen as illegitimate? To care more about your sister than championing causes that already have so many champions? After all, the only person JK has to count on is you.


Okay I get the last part. That would suck, it’s like a smaller version of how people are upset about the Miss Boss situation. Some kind of reward would’ve been nice there but I guess maybe Sergei felt that the romance itself was reward enough? “Congratulations, you want against the system! Have fun with your new(terrible) boyfriend. To bad it doesn’t matter…”

And yeah some people are selfish but not many are THAT selfish. Selfish enough to have an entire competent group following them, on the other hand there is ISIS…





Yeah, you got me there.


I just can’t stop singing this song.

“Jury come back! You’re my only friend, in this world we must defe–F*** off Bright Magic! You used to be badass.”

Oh, and, thanks to @poison_mara’s reference to Homer Simpson, now whenever I hear or see “Bright Magic” I instantly think back to one episode where Homer is falling, and is all like “Oh come on gravity! You used to be cool!” Well, now it’s this:

“Oh come on Bright Magic! You used to be cool!”


So you’re saying you want to see them … back in black? :sunglasses: