Hero or Villain: Genesis (feedback thread)

Armours do stack, so indeed if you buy a kevlar suit and you have armour you will have increased your damage.

The suggestions are all brilliant, I will be implementing all of them!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks.

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Some thoughts about Tidal Bore/Shori Yuki and water/ice powers in general that I just pondered:

Controlling liquids is a power that can be scarily DEADLY given the right application. Blood is a liquid, if one can control someone’s blood inside their body, well, disrupting the flow of blood through the carotid artery in someone’s neck would give the victim a stroke. Telekinesis could potentially pinch the artery for a similar result. Potentially rendering the victim dead or a vegetable in short order, with brain damage at a minimum. This application could be used more kindly to minimize blood loss in the event of injury.

Another scary application is focusing a water-mineral solution into a jet stream. Industrial Water-jet cutters can fire such streams at pressures of more than 50,000 pounds per square inch(PSI), which makes them capable of cutting through steel and stone with ease. A fraction of that PSI is enough to cut flesh like a blade. If a water-wielder (or Bender ala Avatar) could could concentrate a liquid stream to a high enough PSI with their powers, any water-mineral solution (salt water, sports/soft drinks, blood) becomes a deadly cutting weapon. Channel the liquid stream control power though something like a hose or a water gun, and suddenly that water-shooter could be cutting off limbs. Sorry if this got too morbid, and the limits of the powers are up to you. I’d never underestimate someone with water powers, is all I’m saying.


I went the absolute psychotic way and killed many people, but Neuron Butterfly always beats me. So, can I raise my pysche enough to beat her ir does she just always win?

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Mmmmm… yes, I guess there is currently no way of raising your psyche once in the game (any thoughts of one your character could raise psyche?). I guess one way of doing this is to try to avoid Neuron Butterfly altogether?

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I’ve tried avoiding her only person to beat me so far. But, adding an option to do brain teasers or other mind actions could help raise pysche. Just a suggestion.

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You can raise Psyche in game with the museum meteor stone but that requires certain powers and getting clobbered by Steel Aeronaut afterward. That’s about it I think. As for an activity that could raise it, perhaps meditation? Make one of the starting possession options a book on meditation maybe?

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I think meditation would be a good way of raising Psyche. Or, when the game asks you about one item that you’ve always kept and the religious texts. If I recall correctly, one of the options was definitely Buddhist teachings, which, as I recall is normally about discipline in some manner, could also raise psyche.

AS for some of my own suggestions, I would really love to suggest other ways to raise certain stats, i.e. strength, agility, etc. Through an actual gym. Although, I don’t imagine a regular gym would increase superhuman strength. So maybe being on a squad of other Enhanced humans route would grant a sort of stat of the art sorta gym. Heavier weights, faster treadmills, etc.

I think that studying in any sort of way should also minutely increase intelligence. But what if superhuman intelligence? I’m thinking a special headset, similar to the one you see Charles use in XMen. Increases his psychic powers dramatically (hey, another way to increase Psyche?) But there’s also the potential for a tonne of information at your fingertips.

In case you get called into the police station to join the superhero squad. I think I’d like to explore a bit more with them before the actual ending itself. I love the game, but I want more from it, so additional quests never hurt. I thought an interesting thing to explore with the said squad was the idea that was mentioned even earlier than that point. Maybe some other countries have formed their own squads of enhanced humans, it was said that other governments were looking for more stones, and looking into the prospects of making super soldiers. So an encounter with such honestly wouldn’t surprise me at all!

Lastly, the last thing I want to touch on, even though there’s plenty of ways to increase your martial arts in one way or another. Something a bit more illegal for the villains I thought would not hurt. Rather than the gym is an underground fight club (which we do not talk about) for you to partake in to practice your skills. Or even the possibility for an enhanced human underground fight club somewhere that’d give opportunities to test out certain things.

As for the villains, once again, I do think it wouldn’t hurt just to purely go the hero hunter route for just hunting heroes, and potentially killing them off. There are a few times where your character screams they’re the most powerful, so I thought if that was really a motivation, that would be a fine way in proving it.

Obviously most of these aren’t necessarily small changes, but I just had some things I thought was worth mentioning, haha. Love the game, by the way.

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Ok, I have now added the possibility for the MC to teleport behind and opponent and attack with a hand weapon or punch (I think using a long-ranged weapon would be difficult in such situations). This has not been added to all fights, as in some cases the area is too cluttered… note also that it won’t work against all opponents, for various reasons in each case. Do let me know any other specific suggestions (though note this will only go online in the next update… I was hoping it would be this week, but not sure I can finish everything…)

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Not sure I already replied to you, but I found and (hopefully) corrected many of the bugs you mentioned. There was a scene with the MC helping Tidal Bore, but it was hidden behind a bug (probably causing the game to end early). After the game is updated it should play properly, though do let me know if it doesn’t…

Also, telekinesis can now be used to stop the bleeding of your side-kick! :slight_smile: (thanks for the suggestion!)


I have now also added two new “side missions” (more like options on what to do, as there is not so much text in them). One is to go to a meditation class, the other to go and pray. Both will increase your psyche slightly (by %+5 each) and can be taken only two times. So, those characters with low psyches can get a small boost… those with strong psyches don’t, but are unlikely to need this. So, you do sacrifice two side missions, but it allows greater depth of what you can do in the game, hopefully?

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And I also added the opportunity for an expensive yoga lesson… so in total the MC will have access to three %+5 opportunities to increase psyche (with the yoga costing $200, but also giving an AGI %+5). I think this should add some extra room for people to play around with different ways of trying to overcome the game (also greatly increasing the number of available options during the evening, though not all opportunities will be offered all the time, in order for things not to get too crowded…)



You magnificent bastard. That “If<Money” line at the bottom of chapter one had me going for awhile. But a quick look through my parser, and the issue was gone.

Nice game, btw. Your writing is always on top.


Thanks, great suggestions! I have started to implement some of these already (new options to meditate, etc, as per my posts yesterday). The option of studying in the evening now gets you a %+5 intelligence (which won’t make much difference to those with super-high intelligence), but only after you study two nights (I don’t want to make the increase in intelligence too quick, as this should be a stat that is difficult to increase… especially as there is now a new side mission that allows you to increase it!).

Otherwise, for the villain route, basically you go hunting a hero ( Moon Crusader, don’t you feel it is repetitive to go after a second one?)


Just submitted v.1.2 to CoG (see release notes below).

v1.2. Changes (346,000 words)

-11,000 extra words.

-Added teleportation fight options to many fights

-Added new side mission to infiltrate EHGI.

-Two minor new evening options on the evil path.

-Three new options of things to do in the evening to increase your psyche (meditate, go and pray, and attend a yoga lesson). Note not all are available at all times.

-Extra dialogue options with Steel Aeronaut.

-Numerous bugfixes.


No problem! It’s definitely good to get these sorts of options. In the game.

As far as the idea presented, in some fashion or another, I suppose some might think that it’s repetitive. However,

I’ve always gotten the feeling that Shiroi Yuki was just as strong as Moon Crusader if not stronger in just about every aspect (only because even with Steel Aeronaut’s help, it just seems even harder to defeat her). So I thought that if MC’s motivation was really to spread a message of really being the strongest, they might just hunt all of the strongest heroes. I can’t say I’ve had all the endings, but I also just thought of it as a good idea to have it as a way to fight Shiroi Yuki without having to go through Steel Aeronaut’s route.

Other than that, it probably doesn’t have to be so simple as proving yourself the strongest. Imagine adding another danger to being a hero, stronger villains coming after you. But what I’m about to say also works for the villain side, because maybe there’s another aspect where all the biggest crime lords or dangerous individuals might communicate over some sort of dark network/web. I’m visioning something like, there are bounties on the heads of different heroes. Another way for the villain to make money. So technically mercenary work/assassin. This path is really inspired by non-other than one of my favorite DC villains/anti-heroes. Deathstroke, often regarded as the world’s #1 mercenary, or most dangerous merc.

As a final note, it just occurred to me, if we’re doing other ways to increase strength in superhuman ways, there’s always the classic going to a train yard to pull or lift train cars. Que Mr. Incredible training montage scene, hah.


I like your game but there are certain options and/or choices for you to add

  • Mentioning the " Chartered Engineer " Achievement, the description says that you can make Advanced Alien Technology if you get your engineering to 90% and above, but the options are limited.Can you add more choices to build more gadgets/prototypes like making new armor (Has to have stronger and have more effects aside from damage resistance), GPS tracker (Has three levels if you choose to add to your power selection. Rudimentary, Basic, and/or Advanced like the targeting system), creating drones and/or robots, and developing turrets for your base of operations if you decide to stay in NY as a villain. I know a specific antagonist with similar knowledge of engineering. Mentioning alien technology. Beacons, advanced firearms (Like Laser Blasters and Plasma Grenades) (The Plasma Cannon is very powerful but it’s not enough for future use), Teleport Pads you can use to travel anywhere, etc… there are a lot of ideas.

  • Also mentioning the " Titanic Strength " Achievement, can you add more options to use your super strength in fights like combining it with fighting skill, if you have flight ability, you can throw a satellite or a meteor to an opponent like Superman.

  • I also notice that this game lacks certain powers like elemental manipulation (There are 4 main elemental powers but they are separate elements, a true hero/villain uses all 4 elements . I won’t mention elementals here because those are mythical.), transformation ability (A hero/villain can transform into any entity like humans, animals, and objects), etc…

  • Some powers lack abilities essential to them. Examples are air powers which you can only do minor wind attacks, earth powers which lack serious damage, also water and fire. Can you add more abilities like tornadoes for wind powers, massive earthquakes for earth powers, tidal waves/tsunamis for water powers and meteors and/or eruptions for fire powers (The throw meteor using super strength option is separate)

  • Power branching is also needed for this game. Like combining fire with earth to make lava attacks, earth and air to make blinding attacks like sandstorms, etc…

  • I notice that the first-aid skill lacks a career, there should be a doctor career for the first-aid skill to be useful in a job.

  • There should be more crime networks as a villain like robbery networks, riot networks (If you choose to destroy the capitalist system), hero-hunting networks, smuggling networks, and corruption networks (If you choose to be a villain for power)

  • The Cyborg Scientist part only lets you fight it instead of joining it. You should add the option to join it for another ending or for a new lieutenant for your crime network.If you can control or convince it with engineering skill (Mind Control doesn’t work on the cybernetic part of cyborgs so hacking is the other option, you need the engineering skill to be 90% and above to hack the cybernetic part which acts as a shield for mind control in the organic part), you can make your minions cyborgs once you control the Cyborg Scientist. Also add cyborgs as a minion type if you have high engineering skill and a lot of money and resource points.

  • The end of the Team mission lacks choices for a villain, add the choice to destroy the team if you’re powerful enough.

  • The first-aid skill must be updated to have surgery knowledge and have vast knowledge of medicines at a high level, also essential for the doctor career.

  • The engineering skill should also have vast knowledge of coding and programming since there’s an option to be an AI engineer which needs coding and programming. Therefore this skill must be updated.


Can we be an MC like joker style That we can bad things.


Awesome! I just did a few test runs and the update’s great! The bug post-Mr. Watson’s fixed, and thank you so much for taking my suggestions for dialogue with Steel Aeronaut. I’m glad you liked them. The fact that the techy questions and “Your intellect is matched by your arrogance, Aeronaut!” actually raises the relationship value with them amuses me greatly.

Two last things: the techy question response regarding the steel-tungsten alloy has a typo where alloy is spelled “allow.”

Also, fun fact you may or may not know, the question regarding alloys has a tactical point, not just technical curiosity behind it: Steel-tungsten alloys are quite strong, but too much tungsten in the alloy can render it brittle and prone to fracture. It fits with a high engineering stat allowing the character to pick out weak points in Aeronaut’s armor. This game just keeps being fun.


someone knows when does the update come in steam?