Hero or Villain: Armageddon (demo version, new character sketches in post #62)

Please find below the demo version for Hero or Villain: Armageddon, the 3rd installment in the Hero or Villain series.


As always, any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile: (note that so far it is not possible to import characters from Battle Royale, so that you will have to make a new one. There are not so many side missions available yet, as this is just a demo).

Also, today I am launching a Kickstarter for a card game based on Hero or Villain: Battle Royale, please consider backing it! :slight_smile:



Nice to see the third installment @adrao. G’Luck and congratulations on starting this.


Oi @adrao I don’t know 'bout others but for me the save system is not working and can’t load the character from previous works. I thinks that’s why it says that ‘name not determined yet’ when referred to my character


He did say that save imports aren’t in yet. :slight_smile:


That was odd if I have to be honest. It’s good but odd. Very odd. It felt nothing at all like Hero or Villain.


Hi, sorry about the save system. I now uploaded a new version that does not show that option to avoid confusing readers.

What did you feel was odd? (I guess it is very railroaded at the moment, but… what is the “feeling” of HoV that was not quite there?)


What I meant by odd is that even when reading the Battle Royale it was almost different from the Genesis yet those two still felt like they’re somewhat connected but this felt it’s a completely different book with a minor nod and a link to the HoV, which I could say is original?


Also would we ever get to see Agamya in this third installment? If I recall correctly, it’s some sort of clone of hers that died in the Battle Royale. Is she still a romance option/love interest?


It’s nice to see that your already working on the third installment.
Just finished playing it and my mc is so weak, the powers don’t necessarily dictate most of the increase in stats especially in the mind and intelligent power. I advise that since there’s no way to load previous game from battle royale, you give us the chance to customize the stats


Woo. Feel rewarded for backing the card game!

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@adrao a but to tired to form full though on my impressions at the moment but can see where empress is coming from and so im looking forward to seeing more and it being more fully fleshed out.

Also to confirm the current demo ends in that room with the forces and mechs correct?


MC feel very weak even in ridiculous easy.
No way to gain vampire traits (heal in a day) .
MC get to keep no money from previous play kind of suck but can MC make new weapons now base on his alien technology I mean about time MC truly become the strongest and can do as he want not in custody of other all the time .
MC have even less freedom to truly choose his path and have to follow order even if he like or not. It will be interesting if MC can kind of choose his own mission
Investment in intelligence don’t seem to affect MC in any significant way only in making upgrade or new weapons. But in long term it kind of is the biggest factor then any (like a intelligent MC can better respond to opponent attack or defense) and governer the planet

Feels like a different story entirely and droped in the middle without any context. In 1 book passing is slow but give the reader of how it all came to be ( in 1 book we learn it because of a astroid and it helps because of it quit in depth lore that give that ok the MC have power and how villaines have power and world is trying to deal with this sudden development MC is free have a lot of options and can decide to drop any options if he feels like it in 2 and 3 MC truly seems to have very limited freedom and options and have to go along with the story even if he doesn’t want to. He is no hero or villain just a pone in some one else game and with each book become less significant
In first book MC action can significant alter the person life around him from normal people perspectives some one with the power of a small army a lot significant if compare to a country or earth. In book 2 MC might become the strongest champion but can be easily killed and at most a cage animal and entrainment no real power . In 3 book MC is just a simple solder in trillion on galactic scale war easyily a cog in a machine and zero freedom


A lot of demos do the same

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It’s early gameplay not the whole game


@Empress_Nightmare yes :wink:

@BourbonDingo thanks :slight_smile:

@Valixon Yes, that is currently the end… essentially, it is just an “intro”, before all the other characters from previous games start to appear.

@Sourav_Sangwan this is just a demo of the game, and still doesn’t have many side missions. The game will branch out significantly in the middle, given the reader meaningful choice. But indeed, railroading in book 2 is what it is, purely from a necessity of driving one story. My hope is to eventually come back to Book 3 and give the player more choice, and I have ideas about how this may happen :slight_smile:


I’m excited to see part 3! My favorite characters so far are Captain Ryoma and Ponyul-yi, as I liked the contrast in how they approach the fighting. I appreciated the relationships the other characters already have with each other too, such as Ladrialdel being the admiral’s second cousin. It helped convey that is truly a multi-generational war. It’ll be interesting to see how the MC’s power is used on such a galactic scale. I also found the Mezalek fight to be a lot of fun and a good reintroduction into the MC’s attacks, and liked the buildup to fighting the mecha.

I did enjoy the opening being the sudden ship battle, but I agree with the others about the beginning lacking context. A newcomer would have no clue who the Mag’zhar are, and those who have read the previous parts might not remember everything. This lack of knowledge is partly fixed with the character creation, and lines like Joo introducing herself to the officers, but by the time we reach that point we’ve already spoken to the admiral and are given a place on the ship. Perhaps moving the character creation, and its summary of the MC, right after the ship battle before we are introduced to any current names or places would help.

I also thought there were sections where the MC’s reaction seems off. There isn’t an option to seek out Larisse, for example, until after the Mezalek fight – but whether as a friend or RO, it’s strange that the MC doesn’t even get the chance to look for her when they have time to find a workshop or meditate before then. Or if the MC didn’t join the rebels in part two, it’s strange that there’s no consideration of the MC not wanting to be on the ship until the option to escape pops up. This affects the pacing in turn, because the shift from gladiator to soldier without any pause to allow the MC (and the player) to think over these situations only add to the sense of the story being railroaded even though it’s just the start.


If you choose to change the difficulty settings first, you can’t remove the artwork.

I learn a little bit about alien technology (Xenobiology 40%)
I learn about alien technology (Alien Tech 80%)
These two options change the xenobiology stat, but read as though they are changing the alien tech stat. Also, as it is discussing what has already happened, perhaps all the options should be in the past tense.

Larisse In a comma
“Comma” should be “coma”. This happens a couple of times when visiting the other fighters.

Not really by design… as you can imagine, we originally evolved in planets.
Perhaps reword this section, as it sounds as if they were a multi-plentary species (that lived within the crust of planets) before they even began to explore space instead of having colonized multiple planets as the admiral explains later.

“The destructin of that orbital is… murder! In my world this would be a war crime!”
“destructin” should be “destruction”.

" How delightful to meet you!
Remove the space between the quotation mark.

The furniture is rather odd and Spartan, though enough for your needs.
“Spartan” shouldn’t be capitalized.

Clearly, the most interesting thing in this ship is the aliens in it.
Although the narration tells us here that the aliens are the most interesting thing, at the moment it seems like the ship is more interesting simply because it is described more. The aliens do become more interesting if the player chooses to view the database, but that’s disconnected from the MC’s reaction at this moment.

Round 0 duck_bonus 0
This appeared during the fight with Mezalek.

Given the abrupt way in which you left Earth, you could also try to see if there is a way you could somehow send a message to .
This appeared because of the “in_relationship” variable since it is set to 1 for all romances, including book 2 characters. It’s also confusing as to the status of Earth, as in the database it says that contact isn’t allowed.

Growling, captain Ryoma cuts in.
“captain” should be capitalized. This happens elsewhere as well, like during Sengsonshigi’s introduction.

”Wait… do I have a choice???”
I noticed throughout the chapters that the quotation marks alternate between curly and straight, with some of the curly quotation marks in front of sentences going the wrong way.

Winking at you, she explains “I named it after you… I thought it’d be… fitting.”
Add a comma after “explains”.

“Saluted you are, air-breather “Dark Protector. Honoured we are.”
Remove the quotation mark after “air-breather”.

“What do you think of the Lanista?”
There’s sections of Kobb’ha’s dialogue where he acts as though they are still fighting in the contest. Also, is he still a RO?

Looking forward to the battle! :relaxed:

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@adrao Glad to see the demo finally released, but i was just wondering in the previous thread you said you would look into revamping inventor to include other powersets will that still be a possiblity moving forward?

I am taking the weekend off but will continue working on this game next week :slight_smile: (just wanted to say thanks for all the comments provided!)

@tbs9090 yes, I have decided to “bite the bullet” on this one and incorporate new powers this week (this is partially based on one new power I want to introduce, and which will require some changes to all three parts, so I will do that before moving forward with the game). So, anybody who backs the kickstarter and suggests new powers will see them incorporated into all three games in the next 1-2 weeks! :slight_smile:


cool that’s one thing i’m hoping to see, because it never made sense to be able to have a smart character but not be able to invent stuff or improve our suit unless inventor was picked, also in the other thread you said you added a biology power but didn’t enable it, is that gonna be added in one of the updates?

and will you still be open to adding suggestions by people not backing you on kickstarter?

The first two games were fun can’t wait to try this one