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Class poll
Favorite class

  • Fighter
  • Wizard
  • Cleric
  • Thief

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Favorite upcoming class

  • Monk
  • Ranger
  • Paladin
  • Bard

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Thief and Ranger for me!


Wizard ftw! Probably the most OP class as of now just spam Electricity Spell and destroy your enemies in one go!


Pft, obviously fire the way to go.


Darn, no one is looking forward to monk. Why is that?


I mean, it’s not that I’m uninterested in the monk; a class which primarly focuses on beating the shit out of things using nothing but their fists and feet is quite enticing to me.

I’m just more intrigued with the Ranger class, is all. Specifically me toying with the idea of a Half Elf Ranger: +2 to Survival, Animal Care and Geography? They were practically made for it.


I am looking forward to being a half orc monk.

I just wish there was some flavour teat in some scenarios, e.g. people commenting on how they though an elf/ half elf shouldn’t be hunting, when as a half orc we go into alchemy or something (if we can read the darn book) and stuff.

Plus, I have no clue what skills the monk will have. I’d hope it wouldn’t use mana, instead have a cool down system, but I doubt it, meaning using both monk and wizard may be tricky.

And I wanna be the best evil paladin I can


Monks are unpopular in general. It’s the least popular World of Warcraft class and in LH Geri was the least popular adoptive parent with Monk being less popular than bard/squire/assassin
I guess it’s because the image of a monk doesn’t look that cool, they are bald after all


Its actually a misconception. Monks aren’t required to keep their head bald.


Hey man, Aang was a pretty (pardon my language,) bad ass monk.

Must be the non magical non sharp object aspect.


It may also be because most of the “badass” skills are already distributed among Cleric and Wizard that Monk doesn’t seem to have many things left in their arsenal.


Yep, I’m back.

@Lucid You’ve nailed the Evil Cleric quests. I love how the temple is located in the sewers away from everybody, I enjoyed killing someone to prove myself, and oh boy, having us become a fake priest if Light was just amazing!

Three cheers for my planned Cleric/Wizard hybrid! Hopefully Necromancy comes into play sooner than later…


Funny, on my aborted SA playthrus of LH, Monk was really popular. I liked it too, mostly. Although the number of times using Unarmed got you hurt and that the Monk got few Attribute bonuses to Strength & Agility early on did hurt me at times. I’m excited for it in HoD. I’ll try every Class at least once if I can, just like in Lost Heir. Glad to hear the Evil Cleric stuff looks good.


Personally, I’m more inclined to fighters. With the ability to use shields and heavy armor, my halfling fighter has an AC of 26. So nothing ever hits him and he can just kill things at his leisure.


Blue dress got removed :frowning:


I’m just not religious, I only chose cleric because healing and free place to sleep when I travel. I have no interest perusing even more.

But give me a puppy as a ranger and I’ll be you’re best friend!


Can you get money when working with Captain Johanna? I don’t get any money from doing guard duty. :confused:


You will get some after doing the guard duty quest and are promoted to leutnant.


As a real life security guard, I say we should get paid after each shift of guard duty and make it a recurring job- but whatever Lucid prefers. I understand if it’s not yet implemented.


But you will get expirience and I think about 100 gold if you do a shift with something happening. (When a bandit tries to enter etc.)