Help with Tin Star

Two ways. One is to be a doctor from the beginning. The second way is to get his heart started; I think it requires a high Survival skill, but I’m mistaken.

If you’ve been struck by lightning, touching Andy will also jumpstart his heart, but I don’t recall if he becomes a doctor. I know the game doesn’t seem to show him otherwise (like when picking sherrifs) so that may be a bug.


Thanks ill try the lightning thing next because I was playing a priest

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If I’m remembering right you can also revive Andy if your Marshal is native american, they’ll basically use the Survival method.


Ah, never tried playing as one before, good to know

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I would recommend it.

It was a novel experience for me to get randomly murdered by US cavalry because of my skin color. Not very pleasant being on the wrong side of history.


Be weird if the cavalry left you alone, given their predilections


Does any one know how to marry into the upton family

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1)When going up against the Upton-led raiders, start by going in to negotiate. DO NOT kill Little Boots.

  1. You can offer to work with them in Steele’s place. If you have a low enough score in Honor, Law, or Order, they will accept you without question.

3)After that, choose to go meet the Uptons instead of defending the railroad. You can either serve as the Uptons’ lackey or (if you’ve scouted out the railroad) knock Reginald out, take him hostage, and loot Preston Springs.

  1. Go to New York. When Frederick Upton tries to bribe you, say you want to marry into the Upton family. Funnily enough, you can even marry Reginald after taking him hostage. (“Kids, when your father and I first met, I grabbed him by the hair and smashed his face into the table.”)

This works even if you have an existing RO; the epilogue will just say that they broke up with you.


On another note, does anyone know how to get the ‘Master Betrayer’ and ‘Love to Love’ achievements?

I know that I can betray Schmidt and Carson (by bringing them along when looting Preston Springs, and then killing them when they try to stop me) but somehow, even if I shoot Caraway while looting Preston Springs, I don’t get the achievement.

And the typical two-person harem ending doesn’t get me ‘Love to Love.’ What am I supposed to do, seduce every person in Preston Springs and keep them from killing each other?


You need to get all five people interested in you: Schmidt, Yiska, Preston, Maria, and Carraway in one game.


How though!!!

I haven’t played Tin Star in a long time, but I remember doing one playthrough where I had all five just by flirting with all of them whenever I can, and there was this big drama where they all confronted me to get me choose between the five of them. I chose nobody. Never got the achievement, though.


I will put up a walkthrough, but given the size of the game, you do have some variations in how you pursue it. However, I’m not going to give a point-by-point guide since it would take to much of my time.

It will help if you keep yourself as a trustworthy/honorable person…it is much tougher to romance Yiska if you are a murderous thug, and he is witness to it. Schmidt is much the same way, especially at the Red Ribbon site.

Note that a some of the stuff, especially when first meeting a character isn’t necessary, but this should make it easier.

Meeting Schmidt and Carson first time.

  1. When hearing Schmidt out, choose “You are Dan Schmidt? My father…” for a big boost to relationship.

Rendering a decision, I usually say both are at fault, and debts are even. I also don’t extort money for the judgment.

Entering Preston first time.

  1. Basically, I try to bundle up Carraway’s injury.

Red Ribbon Encounters.

  1. First, invite Miss Caraway along. Although, it will work with Schmidt, unless you are the gunhappy sort to shoot people.

At this point, we will lock in one romance in the next bit when you face Hartigan.

Anyways, here you will get a general dialogue with Carraway which any choice works.

Also, at the Red Ribbon, try to help Yiska (or his people) without killing anyone.

If you go to the Indian first thing, I usually pick “Are you injured.”

Then on the next screen, “I need your help with something.”

One way to do this is to ambush the miners just as they leave for work. If you have high Intimidation, you could force Anna to bargain.

Facing Hartigan
Basically, when you go see him, take Carraway along. This will lock in her romance (though Schmidt could be done as well, especially if you took him with you to Red Ribbon)

After you leave, you will go through a bit of dialogue, and then get the option:
I’d like to know your heart. [Begin Romance].

Obviously, pick it.

This will suffice through Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 - Marshal Steele
This whole chapter deals with Marshal Steele, but you will be laying the ground work for 3 love interests. Also, do your best to take Steele in without violence.

Meeting Maria
Basically, if you are honorable, and talk to all her choices, you shouldn’t have much problem with her.

Once you’re back in town, you will be doing a variety of investigation stuff.

Choose: Go see Schmidt. If you’ve got a decent relationship with him, there will be an option:
“I need to tlak to you about something. Something personal.” [Start Romance] (Note: If your romance isn’t high enough, you will get another chance to lock it in a a later chapter)

This is two of the 5 people.

Now, when you go to Elko, be sure to see Yiska.
Be sure to pick this choice:
“I wanted to talk with you about something personal first.” [Start Romance]

Now, if your relationship value is low, this won’t necessarily lock it in, but you will have another chance in the next chapter.

When you get back from Elko, head to the Grand Haven Hotel, and you will meet up with Maria.

Go through all the dialogue options with Maria, and then be sure to choose:
“While I’ve got a minute, I was wondering if we could talk a bit. Just you and me.”

Go through several pages (answering each one). Then pick:
“You are a fascintaing woman. I would very much like to know you better.” [Start Romance]

If your relationship is a little low, this won’t get locked in, but will have a chance to do so in a later chapter.

Chapter 6

Once you do the normal town stuff (such as visit the blacksmith, etc.)…I do recommend buying saddles as gifts for the love interests.

You will get an option to see Maria, Dan, and Carrie and each will say [Continue Romance]

Pick each of these to continue the romances.

For Maria’s, be sure to pick:
“I would like to know you better.” [Continue Romance]. However, you are free to read some of the other top choices before doing this.

Now, the big thing here is you want to lock in Yiska’s romance. Someone in town will mention a bunch of Indians…if you can, try to get some trade goods before heading out to meet them.

Eventually, you will come across a bunch of Shoshone Indians. Once again, you get the best results if you are kind/polite/respectful to them.

Gunning them down will obviously kill Yiska’s relationship.

The best choice is “I have here tokens of friendship from the people of Preston Sprigns to give to you before your people depart.” (This may not pop up if you don’t have trade goods). However, other kind/helpful choices will work.

After the Shoshone leave, you are left with Yiska, and he is pleased by it.

There will be a choice which reads:
“Can we talk a bit?” [Begin Romance]

This will lock in Yiska’s romance, especially if you were honorable with his people.

Now you are facing the flood scenario. The big thing here is to try and stop the flood from ruining the town. This is also where you lock in Preston’s romance.

If you get enough people to volunteer/hired, and if they have enough tools, probably the best option is

“We’d best lower the bank of a river, make it spill out elsewhere.”

You will get some options to look at the river first…if nothing else, choose the “Hey Dan. I need to ask you something abuot the river.”

If you stop the flood from happening, then you get into a little spat with Preston…this is the point where you lock in his romance.

I usually choose:
“You will not like what I am going to say.”

Then the next page choose:
“Slap him.”

He slaps you back, so pick:
"Kiss him. Hard. [Begin Romance].
Congratulations, you got Preston in the sack.

You get another screen, but the bottom three options are good. I usually just pick “I have no idea, but I want more.”

Then there is another screen, choose:
“We’ve got something.” (The bottom choice would work as well.)

Thus ends Chapter 6

Chapter 7 doesn’t really do much for the relationships, so make sure to survive the Uptons.

Chapter 8 will show if you are on the right tracker. Basically, you are either called into the hotel, or your home (if you built one) and have a bunch of pissed off romance options there.

The meeting won’t happen immediately; you will be choosing a deputy, talk to the telegraph operator for using your deeds for his book etc.

Note: I don’t recall if you get the Love to Love Achievement in this moment, are in the epilogue, but if it doesn’t show up here, then obviously go through the various epilogue screens at the end.


Just did another quick run through, and the Achievement doesn’t show up until the epilogue screen. In fact, one of the choices is:
Skip to the personal epilogue for MC (MC is the your character)

From that choice, you will get a whole bunch of minor epilogues for supporting cast, etc. Near the bottom is another choice:
The enduring Events of Marshal MC’s life

It is in the segment that you will get the “Love to Love Achievement.”


I see… Must’ve skipped that part, somehow.
Oh well, time to reinstall just to get that one achievement.


@Lys Is there a way to ambush the site without increasing Notoriety?

And, if there isn’t, is there any point in the story where you can decrease your Notoriety?

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It could be easy to miss it, especially when you are basically at the end.

Even last night, I had to actually play through that part to see where it popped up exactly.

Not that I found. Too much overt action tends to draw Notoriety.

If you’re trying to avoid Notoriety, then just peaceably settling it without violence/drama is best. Don’t get me wrong, I like the thought of giving them a little payback as well.

My answer is no. If there is, I haven’t found it.


Doesn’t Preston reject you if you’re already with Dan Schmidt or Yiska? In my last playthrough, after my female MC kissed him and then said “We got something,” Preston said something along the lines of “I hear you’re involved with Yiska as more than a lawyer. Fix it.” (Note: I may have missed Schmidt during that playthrough.)
Is that just an unavoidable prelude to the meet-all-your-love-interests scene at the hotel?

Also, after the flood, both Caraway and Maria–and Yiska if you’ve romanced him–want to talk to you at the same time. Caraway and Yiska wouldn’t mind each other, but I think that might be a deal-breaker for Maria. How to get past this? (The only thing I can think of is rejecting Caraway.)

Addendum: After I settle my harem, ideally without getting killed by Schmidt or Caraway, I think I’ll betray whoever’s left and marry Reginald Upton instead. Screw love, I want money. (And I’ve got a soft spot for losers.)


Is it possible for Maria and Caraway to kill each other? My MC is able to mend things, but it would be amusing to see. :joy:

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how do you loot preston springs??