Help with Tin Star

First of all, I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I had a quick search and couldn’t find a similar topic so I thought I’d make it. I’ve Googled to see if there’s anywhere I can get help.

I’m only about four chapters in, so at least I can restart when I mess up! I keep getting blown up, or once I managed to ride on with the stagecoach but still got killed by the gang. Any pointers?



Put alot of points into sharpshooting then you’ll be fine. I’ve never died there with a lot of points in it

I recommend concentration on both shooting, riding and explosion skills for “BigBad Wolf” role-play . I clear the game with this set, hovever it’s not mandatory. But you need shooting skill for “defence the stagecoach” path. You still can make a deal with bandits if you are not badass enough…

@Taiho Ah, so Schmidt is the go-to guy for bear killing, huh? I used him before, and the next time I took Carrie and almost got killed.

I usually go for a good sharpshooting stat, for the part where the gang try blowing you up, so I can shoot it out. I’m going to try taking out the gang instead of getting the horses to leg it, just so I can see if I can do it, and see what happens.

@Ramidel Thanks! I wondered why there was the option to lay into him, even if things had been going well. I’m going to try that out later, I’ve taken a liking to Preston lately, I don’t know why.

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In a totally unrelated note , Harry Winthrop is still immortal in this game :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t necessarily advocate sharpshooting. There’s a lot of ways to do this.

*Defeat the Hartigan Gang before the stagecoach ever becomes an issue (requires high Gunfighting skill, or Carson and Schmidt).
*Betray the stagecoach to Hartigan, if you’re a bit of a rattlesnake.
*Not get involved.
*Have Schmidt along, or a high Survival skill, and head across the sand.
*Have a high Engineering skill and head across the rocks.
*Have a high Gunfighting and Sharpshooting and clear the road.
*Have a high Sharpshooting skill, or a good Riding skill and either Gunfighting or Explosives, and put out the match.

Once you’re past Hartigan’s roadblock, put the horses to a gallop and ride hell-for-leather. The Hartigan Gang will disperse once you reach Utah. Okay, you can fight them with the stagecoach, but I never do that. If I’m going to fight the Hartigan Gang, I usually fight them at the canyon. If you do decide to fight the Hartigans on the stagecoach run, remember that Carson is the best rifleman in Lander County, and have him along.


I just kick they аsses on Stagecoach pursuit. Alone. They not even wounded my horse o->

Thanks for the comments. I normally do have a good sharpshooting stat, so I manage to diffuse the bomb, but then they come and shoot me.

@Ramidel - How do you have Carson and Schmidt with the Hartigan gang? I always have that Caraway come along with me, so do I have to decline her?
Okay, next time I try, I’m going to get my horse to leg it, following your advice haha

@Draakon - No-one likes a show-off. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side-note, I really want to know who the LIs are on this game. I don’t really care about spoilers (as long as it’s not something huge).

Also, what’s the best way to deal with the mining camp? I accidentally shot a load of them because I wasn’t paying attention, and Carson wasn’t pleased with me. :frowning:

Mining Camp: Everybody except Caraway will basically be mad at you for attacking the camp. Best way is to go to the Indians and get them to trade with the miners.

LIs are Caraway, Schmidt, Yiska, Maria, and Preston.

Stagecoach: Yes you have to say no to Caraway, then go to Schmidt and say that him and Carson should ride together again.

Spoilery LI…kind of…

Side with the Uptons and do what they say, then when they ask you to go to the mansion, say yes and when the elder asks what you want, say to marry into the Upton family.


@MacNutsAmountFive - Yeah, I do normally trade with them, I just wasn’t paying attention because I was getting back to the bit where I die. xD

Hmm, Preston? Interesting… Ooh, I like Carson and Schmidt…They should ride together again! I’ll definitely do that. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

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Hmm, I never rode the stagecoach with anyone other than Carrie.

I have to wonder how decimated the gang would be against a sharpshooting sheriff and the other two companions.
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My favorite way to deal with the dam was to blow it up.


@ErinRosado: If you want to do that, then yes, you have to tell Caraway to beat feet.

Aside from the possible Upton marriage, there’s Yiska, Schmidt, Caraway, Maria, and Preston. There’s also some threesomes:


You can also arrange Yiska and Maria to get together without you. Note that the only actual threeways are Yiska/Maria and Yiska/Caraway. (For some reason, Caraway isn’t into double-teaming you with Maria…believe me, I’ve tried.)


Well considering Carry and Maria are like oil and water I feel asking them to take turns is pushing one’s luck.


@Terrible_Lizard - I used to do that for the lulz.

@Ramidel - Interesting. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually I like to just blow up the dam as enforcing Yiska’s injunction and stopping my town from getting flooded like Noah’s bathroom.


@stsword - I generally prefer something not so destructive. But on the times I have chosen to blow it up, it’s like sticking up two fingers at the miners which makes it feel better.

I am only one who attacked miners instead? And i think it’s honorable choice.


@stsword: They’re okay with taking turns. Being in the same bed is something that Maria likes more than Caraway does.

As for the miners, I actually agree with attacking them and enforcing the injunction. It gets rid of the dam and punishes the Admunsens for violating a court order (worth noting, though, that the flood is gonna flood, whether or not you take care of the dam). Of course, on my evil playthroughs, the proper thing to do is to kill 'em all and empty the entire operation into my loot sack.


I haven’t been on here in a while, but I’ve played through Tin Star a few times now. :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointers, because I haven’t died so much since.

@Ramidel I’m really interested in romancing Preston, but I’m not sure how. What part of the game does the romance option for Preston come up? I think a lot of the time I just end up pissing him off. :-/

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