Help with "The Shadow Horror"?

Hi everyone,
I just purchased “The Shadow Horror” and although I’ve played it a few times, I can only seem to get one ending. The creature husks me and goes around wearing me as a suit. In my playthroughs I’ve gotten a little farther each time–last time, I was able to get into the workshop, build the lightning rod and fix the dynamo, get the key and the necklace, but the creature still got me. In my last replay, I was able to get to the part where Henry prods me to go to the basement and he’ll walk me through changing the lattice, but even if I talk to him while standing in front of the lattice, he’ll just keep repeating “Get to the basement!” I really have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any tips or pointers for getting a different ending?
Thank you!

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Mmph, been a while since I played the demo for this game, if I remembered it correctly, you have to first go read through documents inside the desk of the stationary (reading room), you will find one with strange drawings and diagrams, you have to copy those diagrams on to your notebook, then in the basement, you have to rearrange the lattice according to the diagram drawings, then you will find out that the lattice needs to be charged because it is not charged, then you have to go to the attic find some wires, link those wires from the battery charger to the lattice in the basement, and when it is charged… well… I didn’t get any further because that is the end of the demo.

For alternative endings, you could choose not to head towards the house in the first place, such as continue wait on the road, choose to walk a long distance away from your car, etc. When you are in the house, you could also use the kitchen to start a fire on the stove and then close off the ventilation to REALLY start a fire and try to burn down the house. Just for fun endings. :wink:

A hint\tip is to continue checking the coat on the hanger when you first enter the house, if you keep checking it, eventually you will receive an Easter egg (bonus)

By the way, did you remember to “charge” the necklace with the battery charger? If you did, the monster should not be able to approach you.

I’ve tried over and over. I can’t win for anything, it seems.