Help With em-dashes and Elipses as a single character


One of the recent feedback notes I received indicated that the CoG style-guide wants us to use these two Unicode characters in place of normally used alternatives.

After looking up these in Google search, the em-dash is (U+2014) and the elipse is (u-2026).

This still doesn’t help me figure what I need to use in my two text editors to accomplish this. I use CSIDE and Notepad++.

I also read an article that really confused me more about windows using special key sequences and Mac OS using yet something else entirely. Since I switch between a PC and a IPad to write, this only confuses me more.

Can anyone simplify how to put these two characters into my text editors?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: 2nd Solution: [quote="Vendetta,]
On Windows:

em-dash is hold ALT and on numpad hit 0151
ellipses is hold ALT and on numpad hit 0133

and as for CSIDE:

So in CSIDE: type a double hyphon and it will auto-change it to an em-dash or three periods for elipsis as long as auto formatting is turned on.


I just cut and paste them… :sweat_smile:

(— and …, although i generally just write out the ellipsis myself…)


When you write out the elipses, does it treat them as a single character or 4 separate characters?


As four, although I don’t think there’s a character for four-point (sentence-ending) ellipses, so that would have to be at least two characters, anyway, and they can look oddly spaced. (I mean, strictly it is an ellipsis and a full stop/period, so…)


Well, in case for windows (pc)

Open search menu (windows button) > type “char” > select Character Map.


Take note on the font type and the scrollbar. Can save you the time on finding the correct symbol[/details]

When it’s done, simply highlight each symbols one-by-one and press that select button at the bottom.
Copy the “typed” or “written” symbols, and paste it to your game/document/anything.

Or simply go to here

  1. Double-click any symbol you want. This should bring you to a new tab of that specific char.
  2. Copy-paste the character on that new tab.


*gasp :scream:
You write it out yourself? You’ve broken the rule!
Someone call the police!


Hey, if you think “….” looks better than “…” please feel free to use it. :roll_eyes:


Thank you. This is not an ideal solution but it seems to be a practical one for now.

Its what CoG wants. Some of the “style” choices made are not intuitive although as the publisher, they make the rules.



@Eiwynn, I thought that was only mandatory for cog’s not hg’s? (I’m hoping so because I only noticed it the other day when reading the style guide and I haven’t used preformatted ones in my existing wips). Or are you writing an official title? :slight_smile:


Oh, is that [ellipsis] + [period]? :roll_eyes:
Well, I think I can let it pass :flushed:

I guess, we should prepare a “character palette” each time we write.

Here you go, a preset palette.

… — © ® ° ˚


I’m not sure about it being only for one or the other; I was under the impression the style guide would be used for both labels - but I can’t find an official statement either way.

Plus if anyone is writing for the CoG contest, it might be best to follow the guide too.


I once high-lighted the solution for another thread and now I can’t remember how I did it ><.


Ok cool :). It’s ok, it’s just me being lazy and not wanting to change a heap of characters. I can do it if needed. (I didn’t know if there was an easy way to make them either, so thanks for the thread :slight_smile: )


Its not being lazy, its being efficient :gift_heart:

I figure its best to figure out now then later.


Anyways - the copy-paste thing with the windows map will have to work for now. I’d indicate your solution but I can’t remember how to do it.

Thank you.


IIRC, that solution-solved thingy can only be done if the topic’s category is [CScript help] :thinking:

Edit: No @Eiwynn :expressionless:. This comment is not the solution -_-
Edit2: woohoo… I can edit my post eventhough it’s locked :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There we go. Closing the topic unless someone has a better solution then copy-paste.