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this is my first post here! :slight_smile: It will be the first time for me to use choicescript, so I have some problems and if there is already a topic like this, I’m sorry…

My English is not good enough to be able to write a story. I want to write it in Turkish (my native language), however, choicescript does not allow me to use some letters in Turkish alphabet such as “ş,ğ,ç,ö,ü” etc. So, it does not allow me to write a story simply. Is there a way to solve this problem??

Thank you very much!

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I was able to use those letters in CSIDE, and they seemed to run fine, even when I compiled the game.

They’re not included in the available characters for the User Dictionary yet, so you couldn’t start compiling Turkish words that way if you wanted to (and CSIDE only comes with English dictionaries built-in), but it’s possible those characters will be included in the next update to CSIDE—although @CJW, who created CSIDE, can confirm or correct me here.

I hope that’s helpful!


For my own amusement, I have used CSIDE to make things that included both Icelandic and Akkadian cuneiform (and I was very surprised when even the cuneiform actually worked properly). (: So it’s certainly possible!

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@Fiogan I see, thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Yo, there.
Sorry if I’m late to the party, but I think I’ll spill my 2 cents anyway here. I think it might be useful for you.

I believe those Turkish alphabet are produced by typing through your keyboard, am I right?
If that is the case, my educated guess will be because “Notepad++ don’t understand Turkish keyboard.”
You might want to resort on 3rd-party character-list application such as Windows built-in Character Map or similar online services. (I don’t know the counterpart for Mac, tho. Sorry, can’t provide any suggestions for that)

This way, I think you should be able to use “ş,ğ,ç,ö,ü” while waiting for CS-IDE’s better feature.

If I recall correctly, the most common problem that seems to crop up in this case is people saving in the wrong encoding. You need to make sure it stays in UTF-8, and it should function as expected.


I use weird caracters for some stuff and saving the. txt in UTF-8 solves the problem.

I can confirm that we aim to support all latin-esque characters :slight_smile:


ooh all these suggestions sound so difficult for me :cry: I hope I can manage that! Thanks a lot!

what do you mean by saving it in UTF-8? :open_mouth:

What software do you use notepad or notepad++ or anything else

I use notepad. PC is Windows 7.

(So I guess I cannot use CSIDE :cry: )

OK so when you save the file In the bottom just below the place where you type your file name there is a drop down list , you have to select UTF-8 in that list

I too have win7 and I use CSIDE


Oh okay got it! Thanks~~ :relaxed:

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No problem, see you around

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Windows 7 is not officially supported. We’re a small team with no funds, so it’s difficult for us to access and test on the older operating systems. That said, no one has reported any problems with win7 yet. There’s also the web version, if you do decide to try out CSIDE :slight_smile:


Mine is win7 64 bit, and no trouble so far!

Except… under no intention of insulting, I prefer Notepad++ :cry:
I need mooarr colorful tags!

But dark theme on CSIDE is so pleasing on the eyes!
I feel broke.

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On the contrary, I wrote CSIDE in notepad++! It’s a good program, and CSIDE is not intended to replace it. Notepad++ simply wasn’t designed for CS development.

Still, if you’re finding that CSIDE isn’t fulfilling all your ChoiceScript related requirements, please do post details in its thread. I will listen to and try my best to address issues in future updates :slight_smile: