Help on going to the next chapter

So im finished with the first chapter and half part of my second chapter written and I have uploaded all the files but when i click my chapter two button it doesnt go to my second chapter it just goes to the play again page…what am i doing wrong? I have tried all of the commands i could think of

What’s your code? If you’re using *finish, you need to make sure the next file is under the one you’re working on in the scene list.
I personally don’t like using finish as it’s too easy to mess things up if you start adding or moving around scenes. If you use a goto_scene chapter2 (and call the next scene chapter2) it should work fine.

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I tried finish that disnt work brining me to the same page abd when i do *goto chapter2 and label chapter 2 it doesnt work it says something like incorrect or error label

You can use finish as described above but you need to set the next scene in order at the top of your startup file.

Or *goto_scene directly with the name of the file after it as Jacic explained.

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I keep getting non existent command

goto_SCENE not just goto

Also make sure the chapter is spelled exactly how you write it in the goto_scene text

Ie if your file is called Chapter2 and you write chapter2, it won’t find it

yep im just stupid my bad thanks for the help both of you im a bit slow with the coding sorry

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No probs, it’s confusing to start out. You’ll get the hang of it :slight_smile:

Question resolved!