Help on changing font size on android


Hello, I just recently found about the choice of games and bought choice of robots on android from the google play store.

I was wondering if it was possible to change the font size for the game on my phone, I’ve seen topics discussing how to do it on a computer but I’m not sure how to do it on a phone.

I have a folder browser on my phone, but I couldn’t find where the game was even installed.

I have android 4.4.2

I would really appreciate it if someone could take the time to explain in a few steps how to change the font size to something slightly bigger.

Feel free to assume I’m an idiot in your explanations, as the more precise the explanations, the easier it will be to do it.

ChoiceScript UI: What should we look like?

I couldn’t find a way to. It would be extremely useful to be able to increase the font size though since as it currently is it’s not too comfortable for my eyes. I can’t even make the screen larger/smaller.

You could try asking @DFabulich if there is a way we can do this.


Have you tried changing the font sizes for the entire phone via Settings? I’m sure you could do a quick Google search and find out how.


I’ve just tried changing the font from my phone the normal way, unfortunately it did nothing for the app’s text size.

Either way I’ve gotten used to how small it is, and with moderation I don’t get head-aches from it.

Thank you for your help =D


There is actually a way to change font in application, however, it requires modifying APK and you will not be able to update the current one with the modified version. It is because modified APK will be signed with the key different from the one the original application was signed with: that’s why system will not be able to apply update. So you will be forced to uninstall existing application and install the modified one.

Get apktool utility here:
Get sigapk tool here:

You need to copy APK to the PC for it to be modified. Google with query “extract APK” for I cannot post more than two links now.

Let us say the name of APK is cod.apk (Choice of the Dragon) and it resides in c:\temp. Let apktool and signapk be extracted to the same directory, c:\temp. Open command line (Win+R, type cmd) and type there to go to c:\temp:

press "enter"
cd c:\temp
press “enter”

What to do now is described step-by-step:

  1. extract content of APK to some directory, c:\temp\cod in this example: apktool d “c:\temp\cod.apk” -o c:\temp\cod
  2. find file style.css in c:\Temp\cod\assets\ and modify “font-size” field under “body” tag to whatever value you want, save your changes
  3. compile APK back: apktool b c:\temp\cod -o c:\temp\cod-mod.apk
  4. sign APK: java -jar signapk.jar certificate.pem key.pk8 c:\temp\cod-mod.apk c:\temp\cod-mod-signed.apk
  5. send cod-mod-signed.apk to your device and try it

Hope it helps.

P.S. You can also change font color and background color under this very tag “body”. It helps in cases you need more contrast or just want to change colors a bit.