Change the Color and Size of Our Text

For years, people have asked us for the ability to change the color and size of the text in our games, and now you can! We now offer a choice of three background colors (black, white, and sepia) and many choices of text size.

You can find the new “Settings” button right at the top of the screen on web and Steam, or on the menu screen on iOS or Android.

This feature is available today in A Midsummer Night’s Choice, Choice of the Dragon, and Runt of the Litter. We plan to update all of our games to add Settings support over the coming months.

White text on black background


Can I be super annoying and request the ability to enter hex codes for my own fore/background colours in future revisions of this setting code?


What codes would you want to use?

with reference to the chart in this post: Preferred Reading Background Color

The #333333/#ffffff or #222222/#ffffff look best to me - that whole thread could be useful to you though.

Oh finally black background, thank you so much CoG. :grin::grin:


Luckily for you, our “black” background is #242424, and our “white” foreground is #ffffff at 0.85 opacity, approximately #d9d9d9. Give it a try; I think you’ll like it.


Awesome! I’ve wanted this for so long. Can’t wait til it comes out for all the other titles. I’m guessing this will be even more appreciated with Steam fans, too.


If I could make a suggestion, if you’re ever adding more colours to the list would you consider a beige-ish/ very light orange-tan colour? Android have it on their readers for evenings when the light is dimmer and I find it fantastic, much easier on your eyes.

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Or you could pay $0.99 for the DLC that lets you input any hex or rgb color of your choosing for the text and the background? :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone not completely familiar with hex or rgb in colors:

The default color on all of our games is a beige-ish/very light orange-tan color. (We’re calling it “sepia” but maybe that’s not a great name for it.) “Sepia” is the default and will remain the default; feel free to switch back and forth between a white background and a sepia background to see the difference (it’s pretty subtle).

I do - gave the web-based trial of midnight a spin for a few pages. Will have to reinstall it through steam and give it a full run through again in dark mode and see what it’s like over an extended read.

Which part is that colour? All I see is black on off-white-almost-silver-grey. My screen isn’t perfect calibration but its approx DeltaE is 2.3-2.4

Yep I’ve seen it and much prefer it to B/W version that amazon uses. I haven’t described what I was talking about well, the colour I was talking about is a few shades darker again :slight_smile: Not sure how much call there is for a night mode though.

Great news :slight_smile: I can use accessibility tools to have white text on a black background…but that turns everything black/white on my phone/laptop, which isn’t always helpful :stuck_out_tongue: . If we’re doing colour suggestions, although black/white is best for me, I hear other visually impared people like black text on a yellow background.

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The normal default background color of ChoiceScript games is #f7f4f1. It’s a very subtle beige, but it’s there.

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Yeah, I can see it if I add it as a custom colour in and increase its saturation.I’d really just call it off-white given how close it is to white.

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Oh thank you. I have always read my books with a black background, this is a great thing.

Some of us are using image headers at the start of a new chapter (e.g choice of Alexandria) many of these are black text/images on transparent backgrounds. How can we ensure these are visible to a reader reading on a black background?

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It’s not that hard, but it has its own compromise.
Either put some outlines of other color on the images, or don’t use the .png transparent BG.


Hmm, nothing in the code recognises the difference between background colour settings? So I can’t signpost to two different colour headers?

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I’m afraid not. :slight_frown: Not in current version of CScript, at least.
Perhaps there’s a plan to include a command to detect the setting of… the settings.

But you can always, say, put a green or yellow outline to the image. Both should be quite contrast to our current 3 white-sepia-black BG color.