I have with deligth discoverd this site ( sorry for my bad english).
I am a french librarian lady and even if i read well english, i cant prevent to write in english with always french grammar in my mind.
I want first to thanks and grats for the quality of the stories.
On another subject i think that i seen a mistake in choice of vampire, with sainte Chapelle as maker , with french heir as background you loose 1 point in creation when you choose your first name.
I seen that the fabulous Dan Fabulich participed in the site, perhaps would it be possible to adapt the superbe alter ego game ( that he helped to keep alive) ?




Hello and welcome to Choice of Games! I speak a little French myself and I understand your grammar problems :). I hope you love the games as much as we all do and we are glad to see Choice of Games is open to people of many languages.


Hello! Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

I had no idea that Dan Fabulich worked on Alter Ego! I love that game–definitely worth checking out for Choice Of fans.


i remember checking one of his file-uploading accounts from the google group once, and indeed I think he has had something to do with alter ego at one time or another. I played it about a month ago to see what all the fuss was about, and it was indeed quite a cool game. If all the copyright issues or whatever were sorted out then I’d definately like to see it re-released sometime.

Even if it isn’t directly a CoG production :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan Fabulich created the web version of Alter Ego and helped that this great game not fall in oblivion.
I think that creating an expended version of alter ego could be a nice challenge.
The Alter ego group Dan fabulich created for the web version of alter ego http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/alt-ego/


Wow. That game was… wow.
It’s an amazing game, and I love every second.


@chocolatemouse I’ve done a search of the code in new_orleans, and there is no *set creation -1

Can you give me some more information?


This weirdly happen just with french heir lady background but now that i check again to redo this, sometime at the choice of name, i have 2 points in creation and lose one once choice done, or i have 1 point and lose none.


Je ne comprends pas. Essais d’ecriver en francais.


C est etrange cela arrive seulement avec french heir background, parfois j ai deux points en creation et j en perds un , lors du choix du prenom, parfois je n ai que un points et a chaque fois en faisant les memes choix.


Comment arrivais-tu a deux points en creation? Si tu a choisi “french heir”, tu ne recevois rien points en creation. Aussi, le choix de patron ne change pas les points de creation. Donc, je peux pas estimer comment tu arrivais a deux points. Si je ne comprends pas comment tu arrivais a deux points, c’est difficile de comprends comment tu en a manque d’un.


Voila deux exemples.
Ici en choisisant un nom j arrive à deux points http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/225/justafterchoosinganame2.jpg/
Ici memes etapes nom different 1 point http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/824/samestepsdifferentnamed.jpg/

Juste un exemple des resultats parfois etonnants


Je me demands si tu n’en a manque un, mais que tu en a recu “randomly” avec Azelie. Voici: immediament avant on choisit le prenom, on recois un point “randomly”. J’estime que tu a recu un point libre en creation avec Azelie, et un point libre en perception avec Helene.


Merci je ne savais pas