Heaven waking

hello there and welcome to this old dragons game
Heaven waking. In it, you play a test subject for a illegal experiments that involves magic and gene modifications.

more info: The story in the world of Entwind a world enthrall currently in a war over Tech vs old magic. The war has consume many places except for some of the smaller but wealthier independent nations. You live in one of them call Palga a dictatorship nation made up of eight islands that are waiting for the bigger dogs in the conflict to die out so they can move in. And to ensure not only the great leader take over goes smoothly but that they remain in power they started some inhumane experiments on people using gene modifications and magic to create the perfect soldier they need.

To do this they need bodies to throw at there experimentation and through strange circumstances you have found your way into being there unwilling lab rat.

Currently it’s about one chapter long cause I haven’t gotten that far yet and am new to coding but am working on it daily. Have no idea when I’ll be done but I plan for it to be short. Am just making it for fun and practice.


bit about myself: long time lurker and normal don’t post anything (internet shy on here) but decide to post this cause… am not sure really… but it exist. Hope you enjoy some of it thought it very much work in progress.

Romances currently plan:
Twins: Enope & Ash The twins one of the most cryptic of the lab rats that share everything together including relationship and are almost impossible to tell a part with there long white wavy hair, grey eyes, and soft voice. It definitely doesn’t help that they copy what the other wears depending on who gets to the wardrobe first that day.

Solomon: A prideful sort with little patient for most and is the first to throw hands at either a perceive slight or a threat to the weak even if he doesn’t like you. It is a wonder how he keeps this up while sharing the same fate as you. He a well toned man with a black mop of hair and red eyes.

Maril: A loner with a very lifeless tone in almost everything she said and can be a bit hard to get along with. Wears shades even in doors due to very sensitive eyes and has long black hair

Union:No one really sure what Union is or if it really human. There likely the nicest… person? you could meet here.


The demo is in private, and maybe add a little more info about the game.

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I plan to implement a save system once am a lot further probably around chapter three.

As for romance I have thought up some and will put up a list of the plan one later.


the demo is good it’s just that there is an error

Okay I think I fix the issue with the school days.

Got this while trying to pick what I signed up for. I don’t know if we’re supposed to pick multiple things we signed up for or not but after the third one it gave me this error

should be fix now

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error in chapter one

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