Heart's Choice FAQ

No, we wouldn’t publish a game like that.


Thankfully, I could have trust in a company. Lol I just wanted to buy a romance if game In the game store and I can’t find anything healthy and positive except here or in winterwolves.
Well I will save money to Thursday.


Hey is hearts choice still a thing and if so, have there been any announcements for when its first titles will be released? I havent heard anything for awhile.


The first games are getting ready to go into beta now.


Oh snap! :slight_smile: which ones?

(Wait, so this game only has one male and one female romance?) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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HC titles will have 1-3 ROs, so that the relationships can be more developed and nuanced.

But also yes, if the ROs aren’t doing it for you, then the game’s not for you.


…ok, I mean I can respect the idea of having a nuanced and well written romance, especially if I find myself liking the character, but that still sounds incredibly limiting. Love at Elevation had three romances and some people didn’t think that was enough or like the choices. But I mean if I as a straight male player don’t end up liking Lila, that’s tough. I feel that there should at least be two options per gender in romanced focuses games like this.

This is not me bashing the game btw, I love the idea of a historical set game to set things off, and I also realize this game is going to be for all genders so that requires some give if the romances need to have flexibility for all options, but I also like to hope other games in HC will have a greater range.


I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. There will rarely be more ROs in HCs than I stated above.


You have to understand that the model for romance IF is romance novels. Romance novels don’t have endless supplies of NPC ROs. And really, outside of Gilded Rails–in which players complained of too many RO options–neither do our conventional COG titles. There are rarely more than 3 or 4 options. When ROs are genderflippable, some players also complain about that…romance in real life may be a sandbox with a billion fish in the sea, but IF is not.


See that’s a problem - even if there’s three options as the max you stated, that means that there’s always going to be just one character of one gender, so for players who prefer that gender, they will immediately be limited… assuming of course one character isn’t non-binary (which is great for readers who prefer that of course but now each preference - male, female and non-binary - have one option and that’s it).

I realize that switching genders ala Choice of Romance can be hard work, and honestly I think part of what your suggesting works well, and I will definitely want to give it a try. Mary makes a fair point about the influence (though I think Gilded Rails is still a game with romance as a secondary aspect over the railway systems). There’s probably not a perfect system, but I guess we’ll have to see. I do reckon the 1-3 romance options might work better with a game tailored to a specific preference (straight male/female, gay male/female, non-binary) to be fair. :sweat_smile: I just like to imagine getting the best experience possible and hopefully replay-ability.


I hear your argument. However, HCs are supposed to be gender-locked, for both the PC and the ROs. So, yes, in most instances, there will be a single “arc”, such as m/m or f/m or f/f.

Most HCs are gender/sexuality locked, yes. Jazz Age is not, and it was also the first or second HC we put under contract (hence the first going into beta.) Right now I have another non-gender/sexuality locked pitch for HC, a f/f under contract, and we’ll soon be putting a m/m in beta. There will be HC games that are not tailored for straight men, which is not a bad editorial decision. Straight men make up a small portion of romance novel readership, which is more or less the audience we have in mind for HC.


Ok now I’m confused, wasn’t it the plan to make a mix of gender specific and mixed games under HC? Does Jazz Age have a specific gendered player then?

Edit: Ah, Mary just answered that. Gotcha.

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See my reply above. In general, romances are easier to write as gender and sexuality locked. Some HCs will not be, like Jazz Age. Most others are.


Cool! I can see why it would be logical to have a focus on female and gay male focused romances with the logical demographic. (Though I do hope we get a straight male one at some point, small readership or otherwise. :grin: )


@Mary_Duffy I am not beta this one. But it will be possible that in highlight text on apps and demo would be clear the personality of ROs.

Because if there is only a male and is dominant and want to execute dominance over me without no warning … My rage would be legendary. If I know from beginning the dominance submission rate of RO i know if that romance is for me or not. I think that would helping a lot to avoid misunderstandings in games with erotica.

As me for instance never playing something that forces me in a submission role. And I know people that is all contrary that only want be on a submissive one so a rating of RO and games would be really useful.


We don’t have any Heart’s Choice games which depict male-female relationships in a dominant/submissive trope.


I appreciate that suggestion, Mara, but you haven’t stopped bringing it up since we announced Heart’s Choice. I am not sure what else I can say about the issue. Why don’t you start a new topic and move this discussion elsewhere.


Ummm, I thought the games under the “tag” Heart’s Choice would all be focused on adult-only readers because they’d include sex scenes or heavier content. I saw Jason said there is no age restriction to this one, so… Is it on Heart’s Choice just because it’s more focused on romance than most CoGs?

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