Having issues keeping certain things from appearing

Fiiiixed it, all good. Thanks for the help :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Sounds like an Indentation issue

*if Charming < 60
  “Ladies, that’s is quite enough. Kaira you have duties to attend to I believe?”

  She nods at you, snaps a salute “Yes ${designation}” and walks away. Annie continues to stare at you with a small smile.

  “You are such a charmer dear. I wish you would use it on me more often” With that she turns, sits back down and picks up her book. After a moment she looks at you. “I’m done with you for now love, you may leave.”

  Shaking your head you turn and head back out of the prison block to meet Dennis. 8046 did not even bother to explain why she wanted to see you. With a frustrated sigh you enter the lift and head down to the labs.
  *page_break The Labs
  *goto birch_01

  “Enough!” Pinching the bridge of your nose you keep your eyes shut and breath deeply for a moment. “Alright, Kaira, you have other duties and I need to go see Dennis. You, 8046, just…read. No more games”

The dialogues need to be indented further for the *if to take effect.

Try this.

Nope, that did nothing, still being a bag! wacks computer Wont behave

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I’d code it

*if (charming < 60)
indent, then text
intent, then text

I’ve never done it without the parenthesis.

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I don’t think you should need parentheses… :thinking:

@Kitty_Gaige, could you show us the code where the value of charming is set, and maybe put a ${charming} just above the *if just to check it hasn’t changed?

I think it should be Charming > 60, not < 60?

@ParrotWatcher Here is how I have my stats set up. Could it be that they are percentages in the stats screen??

*comment Stats
*create Charming 50
*create Stern 50
*create Tactical 50
*create Direct 50
*create Strength 50
*create Agility 50
*create Accuracy 50
*create Intellect 50

@Kshatriya lol, yes it is, thnks for pointing that out still didnt help

In that code I can’t see a *goto for the *else bit of the code. Is there one there?

EDIT: when increasing the stats do you use + or %+?

Because if it’s just + then a +10 would increase charming from 50 to 60 but if you use %+ then %+10 would only increase it by 10% which increases it from 50 to 55.

WAIT! Yes I did

Has anyone else pointed out that this scene only appears if your “charm” is LESS THAN sixty? The alligator eats the bigger number!

Yep, Kshatriya pointed this out too! Have you made sure that it’s not a logic problem instead of a coding problem?

Another good way to remember it: the arrow always points at the lesser number. The tip is the smaller part after all.
It’s easy to mix > and < up haha.

Ya, these always mess me up. But I found the issue and it’s been resolved. Well an issue besides the >< problem lol