Indent contradiction


I’m having problems with my indent system. There’s a line in my Chapter 2 document where I essentially, can’t win against ChoiceScript.

If the indent is 1, it believes it’s a choice and gives me a Choice error.
If it’s two, it gives me an indent error (Expected 1 was 2).

It’s annoying me to death, since I really want to get the chapter out. Could someone help?


Can you post that bit of code?

*label doorchoice
	#Door 1.
		You run into the door on the left and shut it behind you. You hear Irina wander into the room next door and the hum of the chainsaw start up again. You can feel your breath becoming frantic. She'll check here next, and there's only one desk to hide behind... but she doesn't check this room. She goes back downstairs.
		"Ugh. I can't believe she didn't check in here. What an utter idiot." Another voice calls out. 
		*goto annabelle_1
	#Door 2.
		You run into the door on the right and shut it behind you. There are several hiding places in here. You hear Irina go in next door and start talking to someone, harshly and with a sadistic humour to her speech, meaning it's a matter of time before she checks this room...your eyes scan places to hide.
			#Behind the bookshelf.
			#Under the desk.
			#Under the bed.
			#Behind the chair.
				Kiara hides inside a toy chest only a few seconds before Irina walks in. She carries a candle, and is scanning the room for you. You hold your breath as she spends what seems like a torturous eternity gazing through the rooms. You can feel your chest starting to get heavy...
				...then, finally, just before your chest gives out, she leaves the room. You nearly tumble out of your hiding place desperate for air, but make sure to keep quiet.
				"I thought she'd never leave. Just keep standing there with her chainsaw 'till you moved or coughed or something." Kiara whispers, climbing out of the toybox. Silently, she puts her ear to the wall. "I can't hear anything. You stay here, I'll check." Kiara then disappears back into the hallway, leaving you alone in the darkness. It's frightening. What if Irina tricked you, and Kiara's going to leave for good? The time that passes is nailbiting...and then, she finally returns, with a smile on her face.
				"OK, the coast is clear. C'mon, Nola." She says, holding out her hand. You take it, and wander back out into the hall. "Now to the other room, there's someone I want you to meet." She opens the other door, revealing the other room. There was nowhere to hide here, so you're glad you didn't pick this door.
				*goto annabelle_1
	*disable_reuse #Find another way.
		"Have you gone as cuckoo as your friend downstairs?" Kiara scolds, grabbing your arm and pulling you backwards. "There's nowhere else to hide."
		*goto doorchoice


I’d suggest having each choice go to a new label door_one door_two etc might make it easier to spot the cause.


Remove the indents after your fake_choice. The text beginning “Kiara hides inside a toy chest…” should be in line with *fake_choice.

Edit: Actually, you need to remove 2 indents from every line from “Kiara hides…” up to and including “*goto annabelle_1”



The solution worked, thank you so much for your help :smiley: