Error: Increasing indent not allowed - Help!

I am looking for a little help with an error (again). When running the story, I get the error “increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 2” after selecting a choice.

My code looks like this:

*label startskills
Now that's all formalised, tell me a little about yourself. What would you consider to be your greatest skill?

  #My combat skills
   *set combat +3
   *goto physicallooks
  #My quick thinking
   *set intelligence +3
   *goto physicallooks
  #My manipulative skills
   *set deception +3
   *goto physicallooks
  #My agility and reflexes
   *set agility +3
   *goto physicallooks
  #My dedication and perseverance
   *set perseverance +3
   *goto physicallooks

*label physicallooks

Please can someone help me with what’s wrong here. Thanks so much for the support.

I can’t see anything wrong here. The error is probably says your next label is not indented properly. Check your indentations before this and see if you indented this the same with the others. I can’t think of another problem, though orhers will probably see it.

Is the indentation the same in other choices?

Instead of two spaces for an indent, try 4. And which line does this error pop onto?

Nevermind - I fixed it. Thanks for your help, you were right, there was nothing wrong with that piece of script. It was the next section, I missed out a command, and the indentation was therefore wrong, preventing me from moving on.

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