Halloween Game Jam

I asked something similar, there doesn’t seem to be an official word limit so I wouldn’t worry too much about the length of the story, just try to get some stuff down and see how you go.

As for word count, In CSIDE it seems to keep track of your word count as you type I think.


No hard requirements.

*It has to have choices in any of the possible languages or pages that allow so (twine, renpi, choose your story, infinite story, Choicescript…)

*It has to be Halloween, All Saints Day or El Dia de Los Muertos themed at least tangentially.

Word account genre etc… Is FREE. In fact, you can make a visual novel if you want always it has choices.


Wanted to ask, how do you guys normally brainstorm before you write? I’m struggling to come up with anything decent tied to Halloween, well nothing that hasn’t been done to death anyways. :grin:


I just figured out what genre I wanted. Romance. Then what I did not wanted. Teenage setting. And from that I worked my way along.


I mean I can do horror, but trying to tie it into the theme of Halloween is proving a little tricky. I’ll keep thinking.


You could try to find unexpected ways to combine that. Perhaps the Villa in/Monster/ whatever of the game is connected to Halloween. Perhaps the MC works in a Festival Decoration factory and they are preparing for Halloween. Or evil pumpkin Latte Turns people evil


Eh. I’m going for a concept that has been done to death already, but it’s fun and silly, which fits my goals of writing something short, fun, and Halloween themed :woman_shrugging: Stories, even when they are written around exactly the same concept tend to be so different from each other in execution when written by different people that I wouldn’t worry about originality.

If I hadn’t had a concept in mind right of the bat I’d have kept a notebook on hand and jotted down every possible idea/concept that came to mind for the next week or so and have picked from that.


Same here… Certain books and movies can give inspiration.


You know, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to participate, but I’m starting to reconsider a little. Of course, I’d probably have to write something very short since I have large blocks of time already filled. But I guess the point is to have fun, right? It already seems like other people are.


I did this exactly for that to make new people trying to make a game in any of the formats available. I know how scary is trying to start a big project from nothing. This is something to have fun trying something new and community members get together and create crazy stuff. Knowing there won’t be consecuences if game is not polish or whatever.

We will have fun and community will have new wild games to play. Everyone wins!


Yes, it’s already quite spirited. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the group :hugs:


Umm, I don’t have a method. Writing relaxes me, help me disconnect from work.

I have already a begining, but I’m not always able to finish.

I don’t really think it matters if it’s already donde, since you would put your unique perspective. You’ll do well. Also, drinking beer and joking with friends could work


I don’t know, it just…clicked? One moment, I’m withering in agony about what to write and in the next, I’m typing away the premise like there’s no tomorrow.

That being said, most of my influence came from VNs and Stephen King.


It’s still a bit early, but I was thinking of doing something along the lines of Until Dawn: you get planted into a horror movie scenario and have to make decisions for the character you choose.

Will probably elevate the concept a bit: You are a supernatural entity that must appease its Dark Masters by influencing a group of young idiots into achieving the perfect Horror Movie Scenario: they’ve all gotta die in just the right way. Actually that’s … literally the premise of Cabin in the Woods?

So anyway I’m doing a Cabin in the Woods game! I’ll call it Cottage in the Forest or something.

You take control of each of the three characters over the course of one night in a horror movie scenario. The scenario ends in failure if you don’t intervene, so you have to select the right choices for each character so that they all end up dead. Your choices carry over across to other characters until you’ve completed them all.

Y’all pick an Object of Power for me.

  • A glass orb filled with water, in which swims a single goldfish
  • An iron holy symbol devoted to an unknown god
  • A bony talon hanging from a plain leather necklace
  • The shell of an egg painted with scenes of human misery in disturbing detail

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I have a concept/outline building nicely in my head but I still want it to come together a bit more before I settle on it.

That said, the current consistent part of the plan is that the player character is the Witch of the Wood and it is definitely going to end up with dark comedy influences.


I have started writing. But I’m not sure if I’m getting the tone right. As usual I tend to complicate things.

Is it allowed to ask here for feedback?

My premise is quite simple “she/he/they promised to go with you to the halloween party, now she/he/they is death. And there are only 3 days left for halloween”. Is meant to be short and obviously end at the party.

But I’m unsure if it would work the way I wanted.


You can ask feedback here. Please don’t start a beta testing thread until having the game done or mostly done. I don’t want to derail the forum with tons of beta testing threads.

Also, I think your idea is great.


I think I have an idea, maybe, sort of. But I was thinking in regards to the cliché characters in your average teen horror movie and how they act, is that something people would find humourous or would it make you uncomfortable?


You can’t please everyone. I think that as long as you are respectful and avoid or call out things like “black characters always die” (it happen in too many horror movies), you’ll be fine.

On the other hand, “karmic” deaths like the thief who dies for graving too much treasure, work well. The same for the characters that leave others behind, betray them, etc. Actualized I guess that it would be dying for taking a selfie. :thinking::joy: