Halloween Game Jam Is coming

I am thinking about making a forum activity where anyone can participate in making a small game on Choicescript or any other code language or media that allows the player choice (twine, ren’pi etc.) It could be an excellent practice for everyone and give forum members new small stories to enjoy on Halloween. Groups can be fun. This is a special call for people who are scared to start a big wip but still love to write and play interactive stories.

We are all in the same situation and want to have fun writing!

The deadline will be 31 October at noon Eastern time. The theme will be revealed 15th Aug

The poll will be open for an entire week after the deadline


Barring other family emergencies or other world-shattering events I’m in.


Welcome to the jam! Sweets hugs and cookies to everyone.


I might have an idea already but let’s see how well it lines up with the theme :slight_smile:

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The trailer drops hints about the theme. But I tried hard to do a very open theme, so It is okay. I really think have a theme is important to prepare jam members to something very important in the literary world; contests and actually companies asking you to write about a certain theme of genre.

Fun but a learning exercise as in this writing work the most dificult step is starting.


This sounds like something I would be very interested in, and I’m eager to see what the theme for this Jam will be. I have a terrible habit of trying to do a project that’s far too big for me to handle and end up stalling as a response.

With that in mind, Mara, I watched the trailer a few times. I can’t quite pin down a theme, but moods I am getting. Which is intentional, I’m going to guess. If my mind is going in the right direction, it would be a delightful thread I could weave into the story I’ve been playing with.


Yes it is indeed International. I could have posted the theme. But, I want people wondering and trying to follow up their imagination, and the vibes of the settings.

it also helps to people get used to contests and jams that announce aa theme when contest starts.

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I’ve done a few prompted writing sessions for a contest. It helps build upon our skills. Very useful, it is. For me, it makes me think and figure out a way to connect a few ideas into a cohesive whole. I do have an idea, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I’m right.

Wishing the best for us all!

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