Guns Of Infinity; Romance?

So, I’ve played through it a few times, and I don’t think it’s possible to romance anyone… Am I correct, or have I not noticed something?


There are 2 romances in Guns, Katarina and Welles.
In the next game 4 more romances will be added, 3 homosexual and one heterosexual.


How do you achieve those romances? I’m tearing my hair out here!


For Katarina you need to do things that pleases her (like going after the partisans when they attack you, getting all the carts into safety,etc), speak with her when you arrive at Kharangia and choose you want to win her affection, perhaps even more.
If she likes you, she will invite you to the secret mission and you need to choose “For you? Anything”.

To romance Welles you need to support her when she bring up the possibility of women in the army, later she will invites you for a ride and you need to choose she captivated you. When you go to Second Kharangia, you can reveal your feelings for her.


Gonna try it now. Thanks a ton!

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That’s Katharina done…
I wonder if you can make the Princess back down…

Princess Anna? If she is the one you are talking about, you need 65 of Charisma and to know Antari to convince her.
Or you can capture her with 55 oh Soldiering+Armor or 85 of Soldiering.

Do you need to know Antari very well for that, or just a little?

I know that you can apparently take a few more in-depth Antari lessons past the ones that give you the basics of the language, but I’ve no idea of what that would be useful for nor if it would make up for the other reduction in opportunities.

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Just one level is enough to capture Anna.


Okay, that seems like it’s a fun alternate way rather than trouncing them in a fight. I imagine that more developed Antari will mostly come into play in the third installment, despite the conclusion of the war.


For me, trying to get into a noblewoman’s bed just made her angry and bitter. :frowning:


Is it just me, or does Welles romance seem lacking? Katerina’s is more fleshed out. (pun intended)

Can you capture the princess without Renard being angry as hell with you? Or without your men dying?


Welles’ romance is not as fleshed out, but that’s to be expected. You spend about half as much time with Welles as you do with Kat, both in terms of gameplay and ingame years.

And no. That’s the cost of her capture. Nothing in this game is without cost.


I was expecting something more though. Probably a kiss or something. But playing through Kat’s scene may have made me biased.

If that’s the case, then what is the Antari knowledge for?

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You can confess your love, in a way, during the Second Battle of Kharangia. .

The Antari knowledge makes it easier to succeed, and mastering Antari means you don’t need a skill check to capture her, but your men still die. The only way to accomplish the mission and not sacrifice your men is to either go with Kat and Lefebrve or kill the girl. There is no other option. It’s the immense amount of money or it’s your men’s lives.


Dang. How about Anna then? Can she surrender? She always refuses to do so in my playthroughs and Lefebvre ends up killing her

Yes. 65 Charisma & Antari I, as was mentioned on this 17 post thread.

In the next game all the six romances will be more fleshed out.


Which would probably be released around a year from now, God willing. haha I have a long wait ahead of me then.

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What did I do wrong? I wanted to romance welles, did everything but when I go to see her before the last battle the only opportunity I got was to be that of a cuckold. What gives?