Guenevere (WIP)


Callout Post for Gawain: Guenevere Edition:

  • Headed a conspiracy to throw his nanny into a lake.
  • Lied about pie consumption.


Allegedly. What, are we just taking Lancelot’s word on this? Maybe Lance threw her in the lake and blamed an innocent child.

Conjecture. How dare you slander this poor boy.


If he touches me again I’ll cut him :unamused: Arthur has my respect and is my bestie, but Lance I have no interest in even being friends with, I hate that jerk


Gawain has always been my favorite knight. I can’t wait to see more of him later on in the game.

  • Hypocritically presents himself as the epitome of chivalry when he’s just a guy like everyone else, as proven by Bertilak de Hautdesert. Plus, he thinks all women are deceptive and treacherous.



Well, to be fair, Gueneverse Gawain hasn’t done anything like that yet… although I’ll remember his established pattern of pastry deceit if we see him get on his high horse later in life…


I can’t wait for any Gawain and the green knight or ragnelle stuff. The loathly lady might be my favorite story.


Hahaha, if he touches Guen again he deserves it.

@jeantown Rereading my last post, it came off a bit rude. I’ll apologize just in case-- I know if there’s any author on this forum who can finish a beast like Guen and get into the next one, it’s you! :joy:


I was wondering, do you plan on making achievements for the game once you’re done?


@skulls Yes, I do hope to include achievements! I already have several in mind.

??? I tried to find what you meant, but I couldn’t see anything that seemed like it could be considered even a little bit rude, so honestly I’m not even sure what you’re referring to? :smile: In any case, I was obviously not offended!


Weird question, I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but are you including the Perilous Seat.

I have this awesome image in my head of Guen nonchalantly taking the first empty seat she can find one meeting and have it accidentally be the Siege Perilous to everyone’s shock.


When the kingdom finds out about Mordred’s real father, will they want charges of treason brought up against Morgana ? And how will Arthur be punished?


The Battle of Camlann.


I don’t think Morgana could be accused of treason. Lot is not actually a king anymore since he deferred to Arthur, he just carries the title around. Though I suppose she could be accused of adultery and potentially enchanting Arthur even if the circumstances surrounding Mordred’s conception never became public knowledge. Most people are already leery of her because of her magic alignment, so I could see that happening. That’s a good point though, I never thought about repercussions for her once the truth of Mordred’s parentage came out.


The poor chap will torture himself for ever and ever. :sweat:


Haven’t played the yp in ages, but loved playing it again :slight_smile: Just have a few questions and typos:
I think I saw they’ll be five books in total? Is it the case that they’ll all be released at once, rather than one at a time?

When you’re asked if you’re attracted to Arthur or anyone else at the start, maybe have a more middle option between you really like him/definitely don’t like him or an unsure option.

Playing a passive/submissive mc, just wondering if you’re not direct with Morgana choosing options such as that you’re interested in her at the beginning of part two change her interactions with you?

In book 2 when Arthur is with Duchess Tilda after the game talks about Lancelot’s abscences “smile doesn’t reach his eyes. These days, he doesn’t smile as readily he used to” *as he used to
when Meligaunt is in my room, chose he must have taken my necklace “what if one of one of the sheep ate it?” *delete one of the "one of"s
Chose for Morgana to look for spells in my room, after Morgana says sheep can’t climb downstairs “I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be around someone who’s willing to acknowedge what an idiot Arthur can be. " *acknowledge
"alarm-bell sounds. I go to the window and look, with with Ryo-ohki at my heels.” *remove one of the "with"s

Chose to try and trip Meligaunt "At least Meligaunt seems more frustated and careless now. " *frustrated
"Meligaunt’s frustration drives him to a more desparate move. A guard with " *desperate

"Lady Morgana, I very much regret the neccessity that led to your involvement, but please " *necessity
"a lot better, and it’s good to see Ryo-ohki eating contentedy and looking " *contentedly


No, there will be seven books in total. And all the books will be playable when they are finished, though when all of them are completed they will come in the store; how the books will be sold isn’t very clear at the moment, there are a few ideas though. But until all are completed we can freely play the game.

Clearly I am not the writer, so if my answers have any mistakes, then I apologise profusely in advantage.


Fave knight is still Galahad, 'cause someone’s gotta root for the most OP knight.


Galahad’s my sweet angel knight tbh


Wait is Galahad actually in the game? Only played once recently, so not sure. But I like lancelot more now I think. Last time I played was nasty to everyone except Morgana :stuck_out_tongue: , with this last playthrough with a much nicer mc showed lancelot a lot differently I think…plus I have his trust at 15 or something I think, Morgana’s too with Arthur at 0, he’s waaay too idealistic for me.