Guenevere (WIP)


True true, morgana is kind of op for that route. Makes me feel surer about the fact I keep choosing that route for guen then!


The thing that gets me about Lancelot and the spell is that… do any of us really choose who we love? I mean, we get to choose what we do with our love --whether we wish to pursue it or set it aside, etc-- but the initial spark, the lust feelings and the ~feeling~ feelings, aren’t really in our control. Or at least, they’ve never been in my control, haha.

Aaaaanyways, what I’m trying to get at is that the spell is whatever and it’s all up to Guen and him! Like you said, Lance doesn’t do the whole ‘la la la i don’t regret us’ thing with Guen unless they’re romantically involved, and I think that’s super telling. At the very least, he has enough of a grasp on his emotions to keep that shit on lock if he doesn’t think it will be well received… y’know, after he gets that surprise kiss out of his system lmao.


I guess that settles it-my system for determining who I “had a crush on” in school (which progressed from being as random as spinning around in gym class and choosing whoever I saw first, to as methodical as having a points-based system using qualities I liked and disliked) was rather strange. :laughing:

:confused: Isn’t that what dating and searching for a life partner or even choosing a friend is about? Choosing who you want to love? Later, when loyalty and shared memories and sunk costs come into it, then it’s much more complicated and much less of a choice. But originally…I thought yes.

I thought that’s what made the spell on Lancelot so complicating…that he, unlike most, really is forced to feel something for his best friend’s wife that he REALLY, GENUINELY doesn’t want to feel. But maybe not. Maybe I just have a strange perspective on these things because of personal reasons.


I’ve always thought it was the other way around…?

That Morgause was the mother of Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine. Morgana Le Fay was Mordred’s mother but shipped him off to Morgause for him to pretend to be Morgause and Lot’s. Then again, there are soo many versions, that “canon” Arthurian legend is most likely more convoluted than a popular universe’s fanfiction.



How well can you trust his words really when you find out that he’s in the thrall of a spell?

How can you trust your own reactions when you find you that you’re in the thrall of the same spell?

The cake is a lie.

P.S: I may be biased. I ship Arthur x Guen


Yes. Love is a very complicated relationship that develops between two people over time. To think that the initial infatuation one feels towards another person is love is very foolish. It indicates impulsiveness, over reliance on emotions and a lack of maturity. The way people choose who they love is by developing experiences, a stable relationship and a proper trust in one another. Love is mainly an emotional feeling, and it only extends to a physical feeling with romantic partners. Being attracted to someone just because of the initial infatuation without a proper emotional bond leads to lust, and thus it is not a proper sense of love. We do choose who we love.


Of course you are correct, but outside of arranged marriage no one chooses to love someone they don’t have an attraction to. It is just as wrong to ignore the physical component as the emotional or intellectual sides. A healthy relationship should have all three, preferably in roughly equal measure. Without the lust you’re just good friends and most likely will have trouble with temptation to cheat.


Asexual people exist…and have happy and healthy relationships…just saying…


Yeah, thanks for saying that! ^^ One can have romance without lust, people. :slight_smile:


I figure you can trust Lance’s love about as much as you can trust Arthur’s. It’s an arranged marriage where he consistently puts Guen second, third, or even dead last.

I can understand and approve of always putting the country first, but having to be prompted by Lancelot to notice Guen on their wedding day… even after she was injured… that’s harder to ignore. Then in book 2 when he runs off after the spoilers leaving the Guen he woke up with to be spoilered (lol I’m on mobile and I’m not sure how to spoiler hide hope that’s not too confusing).

And Morgana (Guen’s sister in law) is married with kids, which is it’s own set of problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters and their romances! I’m definitely not trying to invalidate anyone else’s preference. But Lance’s relationship is no less real than anyone else’s and the lovely creator confirmed that it could work out fine. They all have their conflicts, that’s what makes them so interesting. :slight_smile:


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You’re right, I apologize if I gave anyone offense. I know such people exist, but having never met them I don’t really understand everything about how those relationships work. Whereas I have seen relationships fail for purely physical reasons.


As an asexual panromantic person, hi!

I’m not currently in a committed relationship, but I have been in a few, and, yeah, there can be complications- but that happens in any relationship, right?

Sex is something some people want, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just not one of those people. I want snuggling and movies, and reading books together, and ranting about all the computer games, and picnics, and everything else that generally happens in a relationship.

And when they want sex, I explain- I tell them from the beginning, and totally accept it if it makes them anxious, or uncomfortable. Some asexual people may be rude about it, and say relationships shouldn’t be built on the need for sex, but asexuals should understand that it’s something a lot of people attribute with comfort, respect, and intimacy.

I have been in a relationship with a monogamous non-asexual person, and as long as we communicated, we were fine. Honesty is important in all relationships, and this is just another thing to communicate about. ^^ Hope this explained some things. :slight_smile:


And something to bear in mind, there have been many relationships which have failed on emotional, non-sexual reasons as well.


Hi! Nice to meet you, and thanks for the insight. I’m probably just a dirty old man but sex is really the only way I differentiate between a close female friend and partner since I’ll do all that other stuff with my closest friends. We are just on different ends of the same spectrum. I wouldn’t want to judge you since my lifestyle has been judged plenty of times. Everyone deserves to find their own happiness.


Asexual here too.

I dunno, crushes exist and plenty of people fall in love long before they sleep with someone. People who date before they sleep together or wait until marriage aren’t just friends.


Well… I never said the Arthur Guen ship did not have its flaws. :sunglasses:

But that’s what makes Arthurian legend (and by extension any fanfic/cog made about it) so damn interesting. It’s the presence of characters that are “perfect” but in that “perfection” lies their humanity and failure.

For example, Lancelot is the perfect knight. In most versions, he is a prince, handsome, rich, the best warrior in the realm, and utterly loyal to his king and queen. The perfect formula for a Gary Stu. But then he also loves Guinevere - who loves him back-, which is bad because she’s like… married and to the king, of all people. Lancelot’s loyalty and his honor and pride as a knight will not let him besmirch her honor (even though he really really wants to).

Now, Arthur, in some versions knows this and lets the status quo exist without doing anything to stop it. Maybe its due to his pursuit of his golden kingdom that he lets it go or just doesn’t care enough to bother… and skip a few years later, his queen and best knight get involved in a scandal that creates the perfect opportunity for Mordred to spring his trap. (I never believed that the affair was the cause of Camelot’s downfall.) and then Camlann happens. So… we all know how that ends.

Am I making sense here? Basically what I’m trying to say is that, by pursuing perfection and greatness, they orchestrate their own downfall. (Kiind of like when Galahad died when he received the Grail…)

Lol sorry I guess I’m rambling. Then again it is 3AM over here…


There really isn’t one definitive “canon” source for Arthurian legend. It’s a legendary tradition that builds and changes over time with each retelling. I don’t even think Lancelot was added until well into the middle ages.

The beauty of this retelling is that it gives the reader some freedom to make it what they want it to be, and there are enough really interesting variations to keep people constantly coming back.

No one character or pairing is perfect either. Arthur is adorable but it’s pretty easy to see his flaws, Lance too. Morgana, even with as utterly amazing as she is, has some big issues that make her character and a relationship with Guen pretty complex.

But I don’t think I can blame her for cheating on Lot when she was forced into the marriage against her will. It might confuse her sons to find out their mother is carrying on with someone other than their dad, but with Guen, at least both can be happy without threatening any of their children’s positions or futures.

Human emotions are complex and there very rarely is a 100% “right” answer to problems involving them.


IIRC Lancelot was added by medieval French authors. Gawain (another flawed would-be perfect knight) was added by medieval English writers.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gawain was perfect in every way. :angel: