Guenevere (WIP)


He is supposed to show up later in the game.


He’s Lancelot’s son so we won’t see him for a while yet.


Jean has confined that Galahad will have a role to play in later books, but seeing as Lance doesn’t even marry Elaine until right before book 4, I’d assume he probably won’t make an appearance until book 5. @jeantown, will Galahad play a significant role in later books, or is he going to be more of a background character?

:open_mouth: I just realized, if Guen ends up having a kid with Lancelot, it will be Galahad’s sibling. Pretty cool!:smiley:


If guen have kid with lancelot of course


If Guen romance Lancelot… does it mean that kid is going to be Galahad?


No, Jean said if Guen decides to have a kid, regardless of whether Arthur or Lance is the father, the child will be raised as Arthur’s. She also mentioned that she already has the name, gender, and general characters planned for the child, which will differ depending on who the father is. I think she also said that relationship stats and the MC choice will determine the father.

Sadly, there is no magical option that lets Guen have a child with Morgana. :disappointed:Especially if Guen is into magic, wouldn’t that kid be the most beautiful, awesome, bad ass person ever? What could have been…


I like Robin Hood! In which time period will the game take place?


Probably during the reign of Richard I (or the universe’s equivalent), so 12th century.


I gotta admit I would love to see what their baby would be like (and to see how they would raise their child together.) Maybe it’s for the best though. Imagine how much hell that child would go through? I mean it’s already been established that Morgana isn’t exactly well respected because of her practice in dark magic. But imagine if people found out about a child pretty much crafted from magic? All because of Morgana’s dark magic to top it all off? The kingdom would go absolutely berserk.


Well, they can always adopt.


Odd question, how does Arthur feel about us having affairs? We know Morgan’s is fine with us loving Arthur and expects us to have sex with him, ( as is our queenly duty), but isn’t okay with us getting with Lance. The same can be said for Lance, though I don’t know if he has a problem with us being with Morgana. Is he okay with lance, Morgana, both? He obviously won’t be okay with a threesome with Morgana, but what about a threesome with Lance, I feel like Arthur would be okay with that.


You can work towards a polyamorous relationship with either Lance-Arthur or Morgana-Lance (however Morgana will need probably longer to accept the possebility as Arthur). That’s of course a different thing as Guen having affairs, but just in case you can’t decide it’s nice to know.

At least that’s what I remember about the topic. There was a rather long conversation about how Morgana sees Lance and the relationships etc, but I unfortunately can’t find it anymore :sweat: This topic has so many comments…

But I somehow imagine Arthur to be quite blindsided by it anyway? The option that his wife just goes to have an affair (no matter what kind) is probably not something he thought about? Especially when it’s with his best friend and/or sister…


I legit cried just by imagining this. I wish I was joking. :cry:


Galahad will be in the game regardless of who Guen romances. He’s the son of Lancelot and Elaine. Not sure if spoiler tags are necessary since this has been discussed before, but better safe than sorry.


Hey!~ I’ve lurked on this thread for long enough and I’m sorry if these questions were already asked but–

If Arthur is ‘hardened’ does that mean he will be harder to manipulate? Are there different levels of hardening or is it one big transformation? Will he treat Gwen the same, actually listen to her or completely ignore her unless he wants something?

I’m just really interested in this dynamic of the game since @jeantown gives us so much freedom and possibility with our Guens.

Regarding the polyamorous possibilities, can we start cheating on the characters until we can form an agreement with them or do we have to wait until we build enough of stable relationship and then bring a new person in (who was possibly strung along this whole time)?

Sorry for such a long post (;^ω^)


Hi everybody! I’ve been away on family vacation in a cabin in the woods that was supposed to have wifi but didn’t. Just now getting caught up on stuff… Sorry for letting the questions accumulate for so long; please let me know if I miss any!

Right now I don’t have plans for it, just because I can’t think of a meaningful way to incorporate it – maybe some appropriate adaptation will come to me as I move forward with the later books. (Originally I wasn’t going to include the Grail, and now it’s become a crucial part of the plot of the final book.) Guen sitting in the PS would be hilarious, though accounting for the ramifications and parameters of that in the game would probably be a nightmare!

That is indeed the question, and a central part of Book 6, so I can’t say much now without ruining it. :slight_smile: But yes, they will find out, and yes, people will tend to blame Morgana even though it’s not really either of their fault (maybe slightly more Arthur’s than hers, if there’s any fault at all).

Pretty much!! Camlann will happen at the beginning of Book 7.

That too, and all the more so if Morgana is the one who gets the public blame.

Seven, actually, and yes, assuming CoG still exists in 1000 years when I actually finish them, I do hope to release them commercially all at once.

Oh gosh, now it’s been so long since I wrote the beginning of 2 that I don’t remember exactly how I gated the Morgana romance interactions! I am going to go back over all of it, probably many times, before the whole thing is finished. I’m pretty sure I set it up so that Morgana does pick up on Guen’s interest if it’s sincere, regardless of what Guen says in the tent…?

Thank you for finding the typos! I will fix those locally so they’ll be corrected in the next update. Much appreciated!

As @darkwolf76 says, Guen’s child is optional and Galahad is not (since he is plot-essential), so he’ll be Lancelot and Elaine’s son no matter what else happens.

As @justme says, it will be the usual not-really-historical era of John and Richard. While I’m casting Guenevere as pure fantasy, I want to try to write the Robin Hood game as “legend,” meaning it’s slightly closer to history (no magic, for example), but the legendary version of history that is traditionally handed down with the RH stories (e.g. Richard being a good guy instead of the absentee mooch that he actually was).

Really depends on how you break it to him. He’s Arthur, so it’s not like he’s going to be screaming for immediate executions even under the worst circumstances, but I hope to include a range of possible reactions depending on his relationship with Guen and how exactly he finds out. And yes, as @Sammysam says, if you play your cards right, Arthur will be open to a polyamorous relationship with Guen and Lancelot, eventually. :slight_smile:

Yes. Because it would never occur to him in a million years to cheat, he doesn’t expect it from other people, either.

I think so? I have to see how complex I can make it, but that would certainly be a possibility.

@awkward_viking Thanks for delurking!! :slight_smile:

I’m planning to make it a scale.

Hardened Arthur will probably treat Guen differently based on trust. Low-trust unhardened Arthur will probably continue to try to be nice, but low-trust hardened Arthur would probably give up on ever having a positive relationship with Guen.

Depends on who you want to poly-romance. If you’re going for Arthur and Lance, I think you will be able to move forward from already-established relationships with both of them. If Lance and Morgana, you’ll have to keep Lance at arm’s length until Morgana is more open to the idea (prob in Book 4), and you will most likely have to already be in a romance with Morgana (meaning you can’t add her to an existing Lance romance later).


I really love this story


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Ah an excellent artwork reflecting the four possible main skills of Guenevere. Strategist Guenevere, Light Magic Guenevere (Healer), Warrior Guenevere, Dark Magic Guenevere (Mage). Truly a lovely piece.