Gridiron (American Football Interest Check)

I would diffently buy this game I would honestly love to make my MC play RB like I did in high school

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We need it, more sports fiction games!

Same except as LT.

Character limit

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Im really looking forward to this one since I am a huge football fan

Sounds interesting, cannot wait to see where this will go

Can I play a lesbian?

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I’m interested, not very many sports related wips so this would be unique.

We need it, there aren’t enough of these

I’m glad there is enough interest for the game now I’m gonna try to release a small demo in the next couple of weeks to try and test my writing skills


Awesome look forward, but may I just beg one thing, don’t let RNG override player choice. The baseball CYOA, Fielder’s Choice, has that issue. It severely damaged the game in my opinion.


Cant wait i was wondering if we would be able to choose what position we play and if so what positions will we be able to choose from?

If I may suggest one thing, please don’t assume knowledge of american football in your readers. Fielder’s Choice did that and it became impenetrable to non-americans like me. Imagine if I used the phrase “bowled a yorker on the offside line, which the batsman played to mid-off to be run out for a duck.” That’s a valid phrase in cricket, but to someone who doesn’t follow cricket it might as well be in ancient Babylonian. Slammed is how to do a sports game right. Slammed explains its terminology well and provides a plot hook that stands aside from the sport. I might not care about the championship belt but I will damn well care about getting payback on the person who betrayed me.


I agree with silent above me, loved Slammed, despite next to no knowledge of wrestling on my part, but I couldn’t get into Fielder’s Choice as that was way too “technical” for a non 'Murican like me.
In addition silent is also right that what kept me going with Slammed was both revenge and for me even more so the Ecstasy romance, Evan was epic!

So yeah, please explain your terminology and if doable for you have a gripping story outside of the sports, I understand this is one of the few ways for non-academically gifted black teens to really make something of themselves, escape poverty and provide for their family and all of that shit?
In addition I also understand, that much like with our professional soccer leagues it would be a monumental struggle for an (openly) gay guy to achieve success in it, so possibly prevailing in that, despite the odds might be another angle that would get and keep me interested, provided you want to tackle something like that of course.


Looking forward to this

I understand that some people will not get football at first, so I will try to make sure the first couple of chapters will teach you the basics and as the chapters continue they will start to give more info about your specific position (all positions will be available to choose at this point).


The part about the openly gay guy having a hard time to succeed in football is a good idea, but I don’t know if I have enough writing ability to be able to juggle that with the main story. Maybe I could put some homophobic comments or treatment about the mc but other than that I don’t know.

Also as of now the game will be gender locked for males, sorry to those who want a female character

I love this because most football games dont give linemen any love

Hello everyone sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I had a lot of family issues and regular college student problems, so I took some time off. I only have a couple of days left in school for this semester before being off for summer break. Now I promise you guys I will get back into this and will release a demo before June, so thank you all for being patient with me and staying supportive of the game.


I can’t wait because there are no more sports centered WIPs anymore.